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hinahgift019 - LunDi "Songes égaux"

hinahgift019 - LunDi

"Songes égaux"

Along with the latest CD release by LunDi on hinah, "4", we are happy to offer this new gift from Claude-Marin Herbert: "Songes égaux", his third recording from last year, a hinge element between "Mobiles/motifs" and "4". On this record, Claude-Marin gradually unveils his views on politics (besides, "Songes égaux" was not for sale but sent in exchange for another record, an object, a recipe...).

hinahgift019 - LunDi "Songes égaux"
" "Songes égaux" comprises seven song; seven songs of love and war. Fewer landscapes and moods on this record, rather the world's muffled worries - I pay my tribute to Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, Tchouang-tseu and Toni Negri. (So it is rather dark.) Together with Christian (Ugolini), it took us five days to record it and two to mix it. And what you can hear between the noise of a quiet sea and urban drones is my old repaired Rameau."
- Claude-Marin Herbert

Downloable mp3s
1 - "Les Grands soirs"
00:04:41 / 6.50 MB
2 - "(Drone 1)"
00:00:52 / 0.98 MB
3 - "Songes égaux"
00:03:10 / 3.62 MB
4 - "Marie nulle part, Anne toujours"
00:03:51 / 4.40 MB
5 - "Chutes-Lavie"
00:04:26 / 5.06 MB
6 - "Epris et repris"
00:04:32 / 5.19 MB
7 - "Devenir-nu"
00:06:13 / 7.11 MB
8 - "Le Goût du jour" *
00:07:15 / 8.30 MB
9 - "(épilogue)"
00:03:23 / 3.87 MB

* (for stef)

Recording info
- Songs by Claude-Marin Herbert/LunDi, cc:by-nc-nd, 2006.
- All instruments: Claude-Marin Herbert.
- Recorded in February 2006 by Christian Ugolini.
- Mixed by Christian Ugolini and Claude-Marin Herbert.

- Soline Astier
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