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hinahgift022 - Shelley Short "hinah session"

hinahgift022 - Shelley Short

"hinah session"

In January 2008, Shelley Short (a folksinger from Portland, friend of M. Ward's and of the members of Norfolk & Western, with albums out on KEEP Recordings and Hush Records - what else can we ask for?) contacted us with a request: as she was coming to Paris for two weeks holidays, she was trying to sort out a gig there. Our fine friend Erwan Broussine from Waterhouse Records helped organise a show at the "Pop In" together with Brittain Ashford and Pollyanna. Luckily, we were in France at that time and took the opportunity to record the very first hinah session in our new Parisian flat.

hinahgift022 - Shelley Short "hinah session"
"It was a nice cozy evening in Paris. After being fed soup and cheese by our gracious hosts Laurent and Eloise, we sat down and recorded a hinah session.
I always forget that my nerves get all shaken up when there are only a few listeners, when you can hear every creek from the floor boards and the evening birds chirping in the space between songs. Hopefully the nerves didnt seep into the songs too much.
I had a wonderful time and got to meet (and listen to ) some great folks.
What luck to find hinah!"
- Shelley Short

Downloadable mp3s
1 - "Godamn Thing"
00:02:49 / 3.23 MB
2 - "Sunny Side"
00:02:37 / 2.99 MB
3 - "Swimming"
00:03:23 / 3.88 MB
4 - "How Grand"
00:03:18 / 3.78 MB
5 - "Bells Of Hell"
00:01:57 / 2.23 MB

Recording info
- Lyrics and music by Shelley Short
- Shelley Short: vocals and acoustic guitar
- Recorded on 11 March 2008 at the hinah hq France by Eloïse Orseau
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