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Orso Jesenska

"Effacer la mer" & "Les variations d'ombre"

Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

Janko Nilovic

"Chorus" & "Funky Tramway" & "Pop Impressions"

Mdou Moctar


Various Artists

"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"

Thurston Moore

"Rock N Roll Consciousness"

Sam Amidon

"The Following Mountain"

Piano Magic


Various Artists

"Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70's - Part 1 & 2"

Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band

"Wede Harer Guzo"

The Feelies

"In Between"

Moon Duo

"Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2"


"The Drain"


- sold outhinah015 - Peace Harbor "Voices From The Light"

hinah015 - Peace Harbor

"Voices From The Light"

We discovered Zak Riles when Norfolk & Western (another band he plays the banjo and the guitar with) came over for a hinah session. We were deeply impressed by the two songs he played that night, two tracks haunted by John Fahey's ghost. On this recording, there is still the spectrum of the "American primitive guitar" hero, but also much more singing which should delight those who love Nick Drake, Mark Kozelek, M. Ward, Rivulets, and of course Norfolk & Western!

hinah015 - Peace Harbor "Voices From The Light"
" "Voices From The Light" songs were recorded in the attic of my house in Portland on a borrowed 1/4" tape machine. I recorded these songs live over about one week then added some overdubs of banjo - guitar - vocals. I thought this was a good opportunity to record two of my favorite songs by Elizabeth Cotten and Mississippi John Hurt. It is spring time here and if you listen close you can hear the birds from the willow tree in the background."
- Zak Riles

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. You Are The Light
2. Channel Something
3. Nobody Cares For Me
4. Freight Train
5. Leave With Me
6. The Sun
7. Night Has Come
8. Not Yet Fire

All songs by Zak Riles, except "Nobody Cares For Me" by Mississippi John Hurt and "Freight Train" by Elizabeth Cotten

- Musicians -
Zak Riles: vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, lap steel, slide guitar, and harmonica

- Place -
Recorded live in the birdnest attic with some overdubs on a 1/4" track machine in the spring of 2003. Mixed with Adam Selzer at Type Foundry.
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