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"Here Come The Rattling Trees"

Leonard Cohen

"You Want It Darker"


- sold outhinah017 - Kenyon "Catch A Star"

hinah017 - Kenyon

"Catch A Star"

Kenyon is the project of Pierre Laplace, who is already well-known around here as the former singer of Vera Clouzot (who recorded the very first cd in our hinah series) -- and he also recorded a hinah session as Kenyon back in 2003. Although the last songs from Vera Clouzot were written in French and leaned more towards rock, with Kenyon Pierre has come back to his original songwriting: folk songs with lyrics in English. "Catch A Star" is a collection of straightforward, stripped down ballads.

hinah017 - Kenyon "Catch A Star"
" "Catch A star" was recorded in Jean-Baptiste Thommen's living room in a couple of evenings; all vocals and guitar were recorded live, using one microphone, then arrangements (mostly piano and organ) were added. The idea was to get something spontaneous and organic."
- Pierre Laplace

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Lights
2. Bones'n'Rags
3. Winter Parade
4. Like Thunder
5. Doreen
6. Halo
7. Tempted
8. Charlie The Freak
9. An Invitation
10. Another Ghost Song
11. Surrender
12. Catch A Star

Written by Pierre Laplace
Produced by Jean-Baptiste Thommen

- Musicians -
Pierre Lapace: vocals and guitar
Jean-Baptiste Thommen: keys
Capucine Meens: backing vocals

- Place -
Recorded in December 2004 at Jean-Baptiste Thommen's home studio in Lille, France
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