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- sold outhinah028 - LunDi "4"

hinah028 - LunDi


Every rigid rule is bound to be broken some day. We had promised to release only one recording by artist in the hinah series but LunDi is the first project to run counter to the concept, with a second CD out on hinah! Two years after "Mobiles/motifs", Claude-Marin Herbert is back with his fourth EP, precisely named "4". These five tracks benefit again from Claude-Marin's impeccable lyrics, but this time the piano is much more upfront, except in "Axes" and its sharp guitars.

hinah028 - LunDi "4"
"4", for the figure. And for what it evokes: space - well, "space", so to speak: say, a desolate plot of ground, nearly a reef, with wind, a sea you would not want to swim in, and leftovers of dirty snow. And a rusty radio.
Not so compact as "Songes égaux", not so obvious either. The first two songs ("Quatre choses" and "Axes") could have been written by two different people, one crossing borders, the other striving against them. "A l'avenir" is a classical ballad of love and death. The text of the following song ("21-22") is by Laurent Del Monte and the EP ends with an instrumental piece ("(qu'on oublie)").
"Indifferent to merit, let us secede!".
- Claude-Marin Herbert


- Tracks -
1. Quatre choses
2. Axes
3. A l'avenir
4. 21-22
5. (qu'on oublie)

Words and music: Claude-Marin Herbert, except "21-22" taken from Laurent Del Monte's "Fragments d'un visage". On "Axes", Soline reads out the text of the French narration in Chris Maker's "La Jetée".
Piano, guitars, bass, percussions: Claude-Marin Herbert.
Recorded in Paris and Asnières in January 2007 by Christian Ugolini.
Mixed by Christian Ugolini and Claude-Marin Herbert.
Claude-Marin Herbert/LunDi, cc:by-nc-nd, 2007.
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