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hinahsingle001 - Tornado / Countree House

hinahsingle001 - Tornado / Countree House

For the first single -- hopefully the first in a long series -- out on hinah, here's a French and English meeting between the projects of Sammy Decoster and Gaetan Boyer: folk music injected with pop, country and electronica hormones (yes, we swear, electronica).

hinahsingle001 - a - Tornado / Countree Househinahsingle001 - b - Countree House / Tornado

a - Tornado
"I'm The Pavement Of Your Way"
The project of France's young Sammy Decoster, Tornado explores a folk music that doesn't stray far from pop, country, and lo-fi areas. This is his first track with us -- we can already confess we hope to offer you more tracks by Tornado in our singles section -- and "I'm The Pavement Of Your Way" shows the lively side of Tornado, with its relentlessly catchy tune.

b - Countree House
"Dusty Road"
Out of the three tracks that Gaetan Boyer sent us, "Dusty Road" captured our attention the most: you have to admit that finding electro-country made in England in your letterbox comes as quite a shock. With this simple and direct song, it would be most surprising if you didn't feel a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!
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