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The Caretaker

"Everywhere At The End Of Time"

Mike Wexler


Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

La Tène


Various Artists

"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"

Harry Taussig

"Where Sparkling Stars Twire"

Yishak Banjaw

"Love Songs Vol.2"

Norberto Lobo


Betty Harris

"The Lost Queen Of New Orleans Soul"

Janko Nilovic

"Soul Impressions"

Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"


hinahsingle002 - The Transmissionary Six / melmac

hinahsingle002 - The Transmissionary Six / melmac

Now that we come to think of it, the idea of this split single springs from an epic conversation in a Parisian café between Paul Austin -- at the time still a member of Willard Grant Conspiracy -- and Luc Reverter -- half of Melmac. While we were listening to them speak about Sonic Youth's torrid shows, we started wondering what a collaboration between these two characters could sound like. Two years later, we have the answer!

hinahsingle002 - a - The Transmissionary Six / melmachinahsingle002 - b - melmac / The Transmissionary Six

a - The Transmissionary Six with melmac
"Big Game Hunter"
Transmissionary Six take a loop from Melmac and then let themselves go and build a sparsely rhythmed track upon it: Paul Austin's guitar playing is as minimal as can be, and Terri Moeller's voice rests on a disconcertingly cold phrasing.

b - melmac with The Transmissionary Six
"Purely Medicinal"
As "Purely Medicinal" may be our favourite track from Transmissionary Six, it's a delight for us to discover this new version, revisited and teleported to Melmac: the Reverter Bros. only kept Terri Moeller's voice and wrapped it up in sparkling bubbles and cotton.

A big THANK YOU to Lora Oliver for the single pictures!
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