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hinahsingle003 - sug[r]cane / Donna

hinahsingle003 - sug[r]cane / Donna

History of a split single: we discovered Luxemburg's micro-label SoundzFromNowhere and felt close to their ethics. We chatted for some time and came to the conclusion that our labels had to work at a joint release. Now what bands could we pick... As far SFN was concerned, it was easy as label guru Victor is a member of sug[r]cane. As for us, we pulled the jesters from Donna out of the hinah hat and asked them to get in touch with Victor. They got as thick as thieves and off they went!

hinahsingle003 - a - sug[r]cane / Donnahinahsingle003 - b - Donna / sug[r]cane

a - sug[r]cane vs Donna
"Le sexe ne résout pas tout"

b - Donna vs sug[r]cane
"Accroche-toi à tes poils v2"

sfn#16____donna + sug[r]cane
This split single is available in cd-r ep format on Luxemburg's label SoundzFromNowhere
1. sug[r]cane vs donna "le sexe ne résout pas tout"
2. donna vs sug[r]cane "accroche-toi à tes poils v2"
+ bonus tracks
3. ponkifier vs pantherred
4. mydigitalvalentine "accroche-toi à tes poils"
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