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hinahgift002 - Norfolk & Western / Adam Selzer / Peace Harbor "hinah session"

hinahgift002 - Norfolk & Western / Adam Selzer / Peace Harbor

"hinah session"

Profitant du passage de Norfolk & Western (venant rejoindre à Paris Sparklehorse pour leur récente tournée européenne), nous leur avons demandé de nous faire une petite session acoustique entre charcuterie et fromage. Résultat : quatre morceaux de Norfolk & Western, un morceau solo d'Adam Selzer (leader de N&W) et deux titres de Peace Harbor, projet du Zak Riles qui officie chez N&W à la guitare, à la lapsteel et au banjo.

hinahgift002 - Norfolk & Western / Adam Selzer / Peace Harbor "hinah session"
"These songs were recorded on the first evening 3 out of the 4 of us ever set foot on the other side of the Atlantic. Eloïse et Laurent were kind enough to invite us to their home for our first tastes of un-pasteurized butter and cheese and meats. The food seemed to never end- we devoured it until we could no longer eat, talk or walk. It was then that the tape started rolling and we performed these songs... tired from an all-day plane ride but high on the excitement of being in Europe about to begin our tour with Sparklehorse. I cannot express our thanks to Eloïse et Laurent enough- who also managed to see us in London toward the end of our tour at our only show without Sparklehorse which was a complete disaster. Never did I think we were capable of inciting fights before. It was there that Eloïse showed us the shaker she bought- a "studio improvement" she said, over the beans in a jar that we used for percussion (I think that's what it was....). Thanks again to hinah, and thank you for listening and reading......."
- Adam Selzer

Downloadable MP3s
1 - Norfolk & Western "No Else Where He Can Go"
00:03:52 / 3.56 MB
2 - Adam Selzer "Far From My Lair"
00:02:55 / 2.68 MB
3 - Norfolk & Western "A Marriage Proposal"
00:02:10 / 1.99 MB
4 - Norfolk & Western "Final Gratitude"
00:02:23 / 2.18 MB
5 - Norfolk & Western "Of Divided Night"
00:02:54 / 2.65 MB
6 - Peace Harbor "Torch Song"
00:03:17 / 3.03 MB
7 - Peace Harbor "In My Room"
00:02:56 / 2.70 MB

Recording Info
- Music by Norfolk & Western, Adam Selzer, and Peace Harbor
- Musicians
Adam Selzer: guitar and vocals on 1 - 5
Rachel Blumberg: backing vocals, melodica on 2 and Kinder egg on 3, 4, 6 & 7
Zak Riles: guitar on 6 & 7
- Recorded on November 11, 2002 at hinah hq by Eloïse Stéclebout. First assistant David Welch
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