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Sleaford Mods

"T.C.R. EP"


"The Drain"

Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

Yishak Banjaw

"Love Songs Vol.2"

Leonard Cohen

"You Want It Darker"


"Sangokaku 7" " & "Wooden Home 7" "

Harry Taussig

"Where Sparkling Stars Twire"

Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni

"Les Filles de Illighadad"

Matt Elliott

"The Calm Before"


"Mothership Connection" & "The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein"

Mike Wexler


Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"

Sleaford Mods

"Live At SO36"


hinahgift018 - The Tami Show "Holiday Album"

hinahgift018 - The Tami Show

"Holiday Album"

Pour cette toute fin d'année 2006, les Américains de The Tami Show nous proposent un enregistrement de saison : des reprises de chants de Noël ! Un enregistrement où la folk/country du groupe sied vraiment parfaitement à ces morceaux et où la voix de Tami Means est plus que délicieuse. A vous maintenant de chanter en choeur sur ces ritournelles ;-)

hinahgift018 - The Tami Show "Holiday Album"
"We did these recordings over a few Holiday seasons adding songs when the mood struck us. They were all done as usual in my shoebox apartment in the Mission district of San Francisco. All were unrehearsed and on the fly with a couple of exceptions where I layed my vocal and guitar tracks down before the guys came over. A great time was had by all and I don't think I've ever felt more holiday spirit as when we were all jammed together in that little room passing the bottle and singing our hearts out. Happy Holidays from The Tami Show."

mp3 téléchargeables
1 - "Jingle Bells" (James Pierpoint)
00:02:36 / 3.57 Mo
2 - "I'll Be Home For Christmas" (Walter Kent & Kim Gannon)
00:03:01 / 4.15 Mo
3 - "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Traditional)
00:03:47 / 5.20 Mo
4 - "The First Noel" (Traditional)
00:03:39 / 5.03 Mo
5 - "Oh Holy Night" (Adolphe Adam)
00:03:03 / 4.21 Mo
6 - "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane)
00:05:18 / 7.30 Mo
7 - "Marshmallow World" (Carl Sigman)
00:01:17 / 1.78 Mo
8 - "Silent Night" (Joseph Mohr / F.X. Gruber)
00:04:56 / 6.79 Mo
9 - "The Fairy Tale Of New York" (Shane MacGowan)
00:06:15 / 7.15 Mo

Tami Means : chant, guitare acoustique, high hat et cloches
Tony Watts : harmonica et guitare acoustique
Luis Moran : chant, trompette et charanga
Todd Gleason : chant, guitare acoustique et contrebasse
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