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hinahgift023 - Brittain Ashford "hinah session"

hinahgift023 - Brittain Ashford

"hinah session"

Voici une hinah session qui s'est décidée au dernier moment : nous étions sur Paris - où nous avions prévu d'organiser une soirée avec deux sessions (de Shelley Short et de Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin) - et nous y avons rencontré Brittain Ashford qui venait de sortir son premier album solo chez Waterhouse Records et qui était en France pour débuter une tournée avec Pollyanna. Nous lui avons donc proposé de venir se joindre à nous pour la soirée. Et ce fut une très bonne idée à l'écoute de ces quatre titres folk fleurant bon l'autoharpe et le dulcimer.

hinahgift023 - Brittain Ashford "hinah session"
"I came to France on a whim. Sort of. Recording this Hinah session was also one of the many random, wonderful things that got lost in translation up until it was happening.
It is March. Paris is still cold, and I'm being led by Laurent through the metro with my autoharp and dulcimer, a little uncertain as to what the evening holds. Is it radio? Is it for a blog? I have been told that I will be fed, so I don't ask too many questions. We arrive late in the afternoon, where I give Shelley Short and her boyfriend, Alexis, a brief autoharp and dulcimer tutorial.
We are all seated on the floor of Laurent and Eloïse's new, sparsely furnished flat. A tiny microphone appears after some casual discussion, and this is what we get: me being exceptionally nervous and playing just a little too fast on a few of the tracks. But, I suppose it is the energy of the moment. The subtle clicking noise on the first three tracks is the autoharp keys hitting the plastic guard."
- Brittain Ashford

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1 - "This Is Why"
00:03:25 / 3.91 Mo
2 - "Alanzo & Leopold"
00:01:47 / 2.04 Mo
3 - "A Day At Coney Island"
00:03:09 / 3.61 Mo
4 - "Snow"
00:03:59 / 4.50 Mo

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