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hinahgift027 - Vida Ray "Music For Mister Means"

hinahgift027 - Vida Ray

"Music For Mister Means"

Après nous avoir déjà offert un album et un hinah gift (des reprises de chansons de Noël), Tami Means nous revient cette fois-ci avec son frère Craig sous un nouveau nom, avec un album de reprises country enregistré pour leur père. De quoi patienter avant de découvrir de nouveaux morceaux du duo !

hinahgift027 - Vida Ray "Music For Mister Means"
"This is a collection of songs we recorded for our dad as a gift for Fathers Day. We hail originally from Texas, so this style of music is in our blood and kind of boils to the surface now and again - it's also fun as hell to play. The name Vida Ray is a mix of our late mom's middle name and our dad's middle name - sort of a a tribute with a nice southern flair. We're just completing a new recording of 11 original songs that should be out soon."
- Tami & Craig Means

mp3 téléchargeables
1 - "Petticoat Junction" (Paul Henning & Curt Massey)
00:02:36 / 3.9 Mo
2 - "Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash)
00:03:56 / 5.8 Mo
3 - "Clementine" (Percy Montrose)
00:04:49 / 7.1 Mo
4 - "Big River" (Johnny Cash)
00:03:43 / 5.5 Mo
5 - "Walk The Line" (Johnny Cash)
00:03:27 / 5.1 Mo
6 - "Speed of The Sound of Loneliness" (John Prine)
00:04:23 / 6.5 Mo
7 - "Satin Sheets" (John E. Volinkaty)
00:03:56 / 5.8 Mo

- Craig Means : chant, guitare, percussions, basse
- Tami Means : chant, batterie, accordéon
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