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Sam Amidon

"The Following Mountain"

The Bats

"The Deep Set"

Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

André Brasseur

"Lost Gems From The 70's"

René Costy


The Feelies

"In Between"

Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"


"The Drain"


"Sciences Politiques"

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band

"Wede Harer Guzo"

Mdou Moctar


Moon Duo

"Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2"

Thurston Moore

"Rock N Roll Consciousness"

Janko Nilovic

"Chorus" & "Funky Tramway" & "Pop Impressions"

Orso Jesenska

"Effacer la mer" & "Les variations d'ombre"

Piano Magic


Benoît Pioulard

"The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter"

Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni

"Les Filles de Illighadad"

Sleaford Mods

"English Tapas"

Sun Ra

"The Magic City" & "Other Planes Of There"



Various Artists

"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"

Various Artists

"Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70's - Part 1 & 2"

Richard Youngs

"Inside The Future" & "The Rest Is Scenery"

:: One-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) StandOne-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Anne-Lise Remacle, Nathalie Papillon, Thibaut Geib, Pascal Vermeulen and Laurent Orseau: every week, The OWS team choose three songs and invite a friend to pick a fourth one, every month, They choose a word/topic and pick twelve songs.


One-Week Stand #248 - Did It Really Happen?
- Heiner Goebbels "Did It Really Happen?"
by our guest Léonore Boulanger
- The Watts Prophets "The Prostitute"
by Laurent
- Tom Waits & Allen Ginsberg "America"
by Alex
- Beck "Waitin' For A Train"
by Thibaut
- Laurie Anderson "Is Anybody Home"
by David
- Programme "Plus Fort..."
by Gaëtan

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #247 - I Can't Do It
- The Tape-Beatles "I Can't Do It"
by our guest Léonore Boulanger
- Ken Nordine "The Sound Museum"
by David
- Cornelius "Chapter 8 -Seashore And Horizon-"
by Gaëtan
- Raymond Scott "The Rhythm Modulator"
by Laurent
- Kid Koala "Emperor's Main Course"
by Alex
- Pierre Schaeffer "Etude aux casseroles, dite "pathétique""
by Thibaut

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #245 - Kollaps
- Einstürzende Neubauten "Kollaps"
by our guest Antoine Pasqualini from Monolithe Noir
- This Heat "The Fall of Saigon"
by David
- Xiu Xiu "Hated for Loving"
by Laurent
- Swans "Avatar"
by Alex
- The Ex "The Pie"
by Gaëtan

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #244 - Big Science
- Laurie Anderson "Big Science"
by our guest François Sardi
- Brian Eno "Spider And I"
by Alex
- David Bowie "Some Are"
by David
- Zomes "Silentium"
by Gaëtan
- Lali Puna "Middle Curse"
by Thibaut
- Einstürzende Neubauten "Schwarz"
by Laurent

photo by Christy Romanick
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