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Acuarela Songs #2Acuarela Songs #2

The "Acuarela Songs" compilation, which came out in the fall of 2001, was such a success that the Spanish label Acuarela Discos has decided to do it again and have a second volume. And of course we couldn't leave them alone! So we've chosen ten bands: some French bands -- Naïm Amor, Don Nino, Guimo, Man, and Natural Snow Buildings --, an Englishman -- James William Hindle --, and Americans -- The Potomac Accord, Transmissionary Six, and Windsor For The Derby.

The final tracklist is:

CD 1
- Windsor for the Derby "Logic and Surprise"
- Thalia Zedek "Never that Mean"
- Natural Snow Buildings "With the Rest of Colors I Succeed to Keep"
- Experience "Ali Diallo"
- Jack "Coloured Water"
- Diariu "Imaxe accidental (en cande)"
- L'Altra "Colours"
- Amor "Get Me 'A'"
- Migala "Epílogo para Acuarela"
- Man "Collision"
- Victor at Sea "Heavy Hands"
- James William Hindle "Talkin' Watercoloured Blues"
- Jacques "Portrait of a Teacher"

CD 2
- Manta Ray "Monocromo"
- 27 "One More Tomorrow"
- Bitter Springs "Wasserfarbe"
- Dominique A "Couleur d'eau"
- The Zephyrs "Make Me Lonely"
- Polar "A Cup of Coffee"
- The Strugglers "Noun to Noun"
- P:ano "Oh Them, They Died"
- Grupo Salvaje "Watercolor Summer"
- Encre "A Live Ode to Hard Drive Chamber Music"
- Mus "El naval (demo)"
- Lisabö "Ur Margoa"
- Guimo "Water House"

CD 3
- Lee Ranaldo "Demons Music Part 3 (Nicolas Fucks Liza)"
- The Potomac Accord "The Field Song"
- Anamude "Confetti in the Sea"
- L'Altra "Blanco"
- Green Apple Sea "Watercolour City"
- Don Nino "Paint Me in Watercolours"
- The Sophie Drinker "What Is the Image?"
- Refree "Contra"
- Vitesse "Reflecting Pools"
- Sr. Chinarro "El single chiquichancla"
- Timesbold "Watercolour"
- Transmissionary Six "Almost Every Dog"
- Ursula "Siempre vas a disfrutar mucho con Acuarela"
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