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Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band

"Wede Harer Guzo"

The Feelies

"In Between"

Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni

"Les Filles de Illighadad"


"Sciences Politiques"

The Bats

"The Deep Set"

Sleaford Mods

"English Tapas"

Various Artists

"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"


"The Drain"

Janko Nilovic

"Chorus" & "Funky Tramway" & "Pop Impressions"

Moon Duo

"Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2"

Piano Magic


Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

Benoît Pioulard

"The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter"

Thurston Moore

"Rock N Roll Consciousness"




hinah calendar 2006hinah calendar 2006

hinah has always liked to combine music and graphic universes (photography, drawing, painting, collages...). In 2006, we introduce a new concept in our website: a hinah calendar. It features twelve photographs by Laurent Orseau, one for each month, and songs written by artists in the hinah sphere and inspired by the related pictures.
Music by Dave DeCastro, Alex Gwinnett, LunDi, Melmac, The Potomac Accord

January - Square DollsJanuary - Square Dolls
Dave DeCastro "In The Darkness" (2005)

February - Da Hooded CharacterFebruary - Da Hooded Character
Dave DeCastro "Eloïse" (2005)

March - SkeletonMarch - Skeleton
Dave DeCastro "Blank Stare" (2005)
Melmac "X.2" (2006)

April - Lou(p)April - Lou(p)
Dave DeCastro "April" (2005)

May - Shaun the SheepMay - Shaun the Sheep
Alex Gwinnett "Wilf#1" (2005)

June - SvetlanaJune - Svetlana
Dave DeCastro "June" (2005)

July - Le Tour de FranceJuly - Le Tour de France
Dave DeCastro "July" (2005)

August - Isle of SkyeAugust - Isle of Skye
Dave DeCastro "August" (2005)
LunDi "Songes égaux" (2005)

September - EloïseSeptember - Eloïse

October - NathanOctober - Nathan

November - CemeteryNovember - Cemetery
Dave DeCastro "November" (2005)

December - Clara in WonderlandDecember - Clara in Wonderland
The Potomac Accord "Europe" (2006)
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