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hinahgift005 - The Transmissionary Six "Live At Kud, Ljubljana"

hinahgift005 - The Transmissionary Six

"Live At Kud, Ljubljana"

In February of 2003, The Transmissionary Six toured Europe for the first time. They played Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Europe... but not France. We were sad. But then the band sent us the recording of the last show and offered us to pick some tracks for a hinahgift. That's fine with us... oh yes, quite fine indeed!

hinahgift005 - The Transmissionary Six "Live At Kud, Ljubljana"
"In February of '03, the Transmissionary Six power trio (Terri, Maz and Paul) motored about Europe in an overstuffed Opal station wagon, playing twenty five shows in eight countries. While the Hinah braintrust couldn't attend (family emergency) we did run into them during our travels and had an afternoon of picture taking, slices of cake served by angry transvestite robot women, and suchlike tomfoolery.
At the end of the tour we played a show in Slovenia organized by our friend Zlato that was broadcast on national radio. If you'd like the whole 90 minute show, check in with your local tapetrader as it's making the rounds. If you'd like to stream a few songs from that night, here they are in the latest hinahgift.
We'll be on tour again this fall. If you'd like us to play at your event, feel free to write; birthdays and funerals are a specialty and at very affordable rates.
See y'soon"
- The Transmissionary Six

downloadable mp3s
1 - "Mothball"
00:05:43 / 5.36 MB
2 - "Always Crashing In The Same Car"
00:04:36 / 4.38 MB
3 - "Sermon On The Hatchback"
00:04:03 / 3.80 MB
4 - "Piece Of Cake"
00:05:37 / 5.27 MB
5 - "Almost Every Dog"
00:08:27 / 7.93 MB
6 - "Jacques Cousteau"
00:04:03 / 3.80 MB

recording info
- all songs by Terri Moeller and Paul Austin, except "Always Crashing In The Same Car" by David Bowie
- musicians
Terri Moeller: vocals, harmonica
Paul Austin: guitar, tape loops
Maz Morsink: guitar, tape loops
- recorded live in Ljubljana on February 26th, 2003 and mastered by Maz Morsink at Studio Metro, Hengelo NL
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