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- sold outhinah004 - Magic 12 "Live at the Abbey Lounge"

hinah004 - Magic 12

"Live at the Abbey Lounge"

Although Magic 12 originate from Boston, their influences are not to be found in that city's rock scene. Instead, they turn towards two islands, Great Britain and Australia, that gave birth to two pop giants: the House of Love and the Go-Betweens. Following in these masters' footsteps and thanks to a very much upfront piano, light melodies and witty intimate lyrics, Toby Ingalls and his four comrades deliver delicate songs... undeniable sweets.

hinah004 - Magic 12 "Live at the Abbey Lounge"
"This performance was a benefit for Mikey Dee, a local college DJ who gave local musicians/bands airplay on his Sunday night show "On the town" and who relentlessly promoted local music. Unfortunately he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed from the neck down and unable to talk. His progress is slow but hopeful!
On this particular week-end the Boston rock community banded together "For the benefit of Mr. Dee", all the local clubs and bands gave the proceeds to the Mikey Dee fund. Collectively we raised over $30,000. If interested in making a donation please e-mail www.mikeydee.com
Our set list includes two new songs that we have been playing out. "Neptune" (studio version will appear on the Acuarela Discos compilation due September) and a song called "Radiowave" to be included on our next cd. The other songs are from our two cd's... we picked songs we'd thought Mikey would like." - Toby Ingalls

Recording info

- Venue -
Abbey Lounge (Somerville, MA) - May 5th, 2001

- Tracks -
1. Neptune
2. Long Walk Home
3. Moonfaced
4. New Year
5. Fallen Star
6. Sweet Refrain
7. Radiowave
8. Wonderin'
9. Macaw *
10. Pink Slip *
11. Lone Star *

(*) Original demo tracks recorded 1998 at Dog Leg Studios, Sudbury, MA

All songs written by T. Ingalls / arranged by Magic 12
C & P 2000/2001 Lunar Abduction / ascap
Engineered by Haskel & Doogan

- Musicians -
Toby Ingalls: vocals, guitar
Beth Heinberg: piano, vocals
Dana Hollowell: guitar
Nancy Asch: drums
James Apt: bass

- Special thanks -
Thanks to friends and family and everyone at the show. Extra love to Mikey Dee!
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