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- sold outhinah006 - Greg Weeks "Train in Vein: Bleecker-Era Outtakes"

hinah006 - Greg Weeks

"Train in Vein: Bleecker-Era Outtakes"

We've immmediately loved Greg Week's first albums, with his Nick Drake kind of guitar picking and voice (and it really is a compliment). Since then, Greg has stepped on another track, adding more psychedelic elements to his folk music. His beautiful voice and songwriting are still as wonderful as ever.

hinah006 - Greg Weeks "Train in Vein: Bleecker-Era Outtakes"
"The Bleecker Station EP was recorded one winter, in my bedroom, in the midst of a mild sickness (a common cold) and a not so mild one (a heavy heart). Listen closely and you can hear the hot water radiators hissing and banging, and my nose stuffing.
Outside of this song cycle (songs which themselves were meant to be demos) were a number of tunes that, for whatever reasons, I decided to leave either unpublished or unfinished. The Bleecker songs remained in demo form, mistakes and all, due to a flare-up of hand pain which plagues me to this day. The difference between those songs and these other 4-track numbers (besides the formers' place in an intended 31 song cycle) is that I never fomented any arrangements for the outtakes. The Bleecker tracks will forever fall short of themselves, of their potential. This is part of their worth, their charm. These newly unveiled outtakes, on the other hand, are what they are. Where lyrics repent, I had none yet figured. Where guitar leads flub or drop out, I had simply done one rough, live take. These tunes are bare-bones. They were also left in such a state for a reason. At the time I saw either no use for them, or no proper venue in which to display them. éloïse and Laurent's request for a hinah release seemed finally to give them the limited display they deserved. These tunes are for them, and for all you friends who have touched me through having touched you. I hope you enjoy them for what they are: me, just a little rough around the edges. Love",
- Greg Weeks

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Self-Elimination Diet
2. Why Are We So Weak?
3. No Sleep
4. Sewn to a Dying Age
5. Downcast
6. West River Road

All songs written by Greg Weeks

- Musician -
Greg Weeks: guitar and voice

- Time and place -
Recorded in Greg Weeks�??s bedroom in 1998
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