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- sold outhinah008 - The Transmissionary Six "DeSOTO"

hinah008 - The Transmissionary Six


Transmissionary Six is the project born of the meeting of Terri Moeller, drummer from the folk veteran Walkabouts, and Paul Austin, who lately quit Boston's Willard Grant Conspiracy. After a debut album out recently on FILMguerrero, the band is so kind as to give us this recording, which the fans of the Walkabouts and WGC should love -- and so should those who adore the Red House Painters or Mazzy Star. In a nutshell, it's stretched folk music with insistent loops, elevated by Terri's voice in a distance.

hinah008 - The Transmissionary Six "DeSOTO"
"It was hard to make new friends while in prison, so I consider myself damn lucky to have shared a cell with Laurent Orseau. It was a constant source of inspiration to see Elo├»se visit him day after day as we paid our debt to society, and when he was moved to maximum security for covering our wall with "La Mouche" murals I missed him so. How I wept! There's no way I can repay him for all those nights passed teaching me every word to every Lambchop song, and someday I will be on a Lambchop game show on television and that knowledge will win me a new toaster oven or... Do I dare dream? Perhaps some lawn furniture. When they asked us to contribute to the hinah series we jumped at the chance, and taped a live session aboard the DeSOTO, 48 feet of ramshackle nautical glory. Terri sang and Kevin and Paul strummed for this intimate trio session, as only three of us could fit in the DeSOTO's cabin area. We thank Lora for cooking a righteous stew and making us feel at home there, and George the cat for contributing ambient vocals (and being polite enough not to sit on the pedal steel while Kevin was coaxing righteous spooky-ass noises from it).  Kevin not only played with us, but recorded and mixed the set as well; without him we'd have been well and truly fucked.
Looking back on our prison stay, and now years later all the music we share, what can we say, Laurent? From the cage to the stage! Enjoy the music and be kind to animals except for the ones that are assholes."
- Paul Austin

recording info

- Venue -
In the rain onboard the Desoto, on a Sunday in March year of our lord 2002

- Tracks -
1. Lora the Night Hostess
2. Clay Man Down
3. I Believe in You
4. Paper Party Hat
5. Rodeo Satellite
6. Purely Medicinal
7. Dog Eared
8. Short Wavegoodbye

(Cut from the tape are long conversations with George the cat and the time the fuse box went dead)

All songs by Terri Moeller and Paul Austin, except "I Believe in You"
by Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene
Recorded by Kevin Suggs

- Musicians -
Terri Moeller sang and played the hand percussion
Paul Austin played the 12 or 6 string acoustic guitar
Kevin Suggs played the pedal steel or baritone guitar
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