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- sold outhinah010 - Devendra Banhart "The Charles C. Leary"

hinah010 - Devendra Banhart

"The Charles C. Leary"

Let's make it clear: Devendra is a crazy folky minstrel and an inveterate traveller (Texas, Caracas, Los Angeles, New York...). We discovered him by chance as a support act, and later it chanced that he sent us a tape together with a marble, wrapped up in an envelop from the French Treasury. Devendra's music is folk for sure, but it leaves free rein to its madness, its rhythm breaks and a Marc-Bolan-like voice. Note that Young God Records will soon release an album from Devendra, with a name that matches its author: "Oh Me Oh My, The Way the Day Goes by, The Sun is Setting, and Dogs and Dogs and Dogs are Dreaming, Love Songs of the Christmas Spirit".

hinah010 - Devendra Banhart "The Charles C. Leary"
"'The Charles C. Leary' was recorded on three and four tracks, all through a while spent in different places, Europe and the United States of America. My Great Grandfather's Ship was the Charles C. Leary, owned by him, a ship merchant, a Baker."
- Devendra Banhart

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Bish-Bash Falls
2. Soothe My Soul, Mend My Mind
3. Sarah Sings
4. Mmplushumblehorse
5. Michigan State
6. Rainwater Pigfarmers
7. Aymama-Aymama
8. The Charles C. Leary
9. Whistling
10. The Thumbs Touch Too Much
11. Todo Lod Dolores
12. Catastrophie
13. Me And Andy Singing El Rio
14. The Fish Are Scratched Up Flies
15. Artsandcrafts (Live At 40th St W.)
16. The Animal Map
17. Cada Casa Que Crece
18. Ride Away Like Roy Orbison
19. Red Lagoon Whistling
20. Noah
21. Cosmos And Damien
22. Aperpareplane (Early Recording)
23. I Played Organ While Colter Played Guitar
24. Joe Cain

All songs by Devendra Banhart, except "Joe Cain" lyrics by Sarah Cain and music by Devendra Banhart

- musicians -
Devendra Banhart
Colter Jacobson: guitar on "I Played Organ While Colter Played Guitar"
Sarah Cain: vocals on "Joe Cain"
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