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- sold outhinah016 - SZ "3.02 VS 2.22 = 25.16 ?"

hinah016 - SZ

"3.02 VS 2.22 = 25.16 ?"

SZ is the solo project of Franck Litzler, former quitarist/bassist and co-founder of NATSAT (a post-rock band from Tours, France, that played with The Ex, Trans Am, and Shipping News). After moving from Tours to Grenoble, Franck started again a project that he'd first started in 1992 when he bought a 4-track recorder: Franck recorded everything he could, sampling, twisting, and mixing sounds he'd gathered during travels to India, Iran, South America, with electronic pieces and acoustic instruments. You can get carried away softly in these sweet melodies... or else jolt along these bumpy tracks.
A SZ album is due out on France's label Drunk Dog in the fall of 2003.

hinah016 - SZ "3.02 VS 2.22 = 25.16 ?"
"The 3.02s were recorded during a gig in Grenoble on March 22nd 2003, and the 2.22s come from my room. They could not have been possible without my brothers, Jérémy, Jojo, and Dom. They were recorded live to a Boss loop station, and then transfered to a computer and arranged by myself. The live tracks always follow the same principle: starting with one sample and adding more samples gradually. In my room, I can arrange samples more freely, and so the principle is to keep the same sample all track long - sometimes in the foreground, sometimes in the background..."
- Franck Litzler

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Avec.mes.amis.3.02
2. Pure.Beauty.3.02
3. No.Steal.3.02
4. Syrup.3.02
5. Eurofunk.3.02
6. Nana.3.02
7. Madjico.2.22
8. To.Rekend.2.22
9. Tragic.June.2.22

Written and performed by SZ
The "3.02s" were recorded at a concert in Grenoble, France, on March 22nd 2003. The "2.22s" were recorded from April to June 2003 in Franck Litzler's room.

- Special thanks -
To my brothers for working with me, Anna, Jojo, Jérémy, Julien, Alex, Dom, and the Attrape-corps
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