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- sold outhinah019 - Martin Klingman "Apple Skies"

hinah019 - Martin Klingman

"Apple Skies"

Between two recording sessions for his band Gliss, Martin Klingman goes stripped down: he just plays sparse notes on his acoustic guitar to produce lo-fi (but silky) folk music, and lets his high-pitched, nearly feminine voice, caress our ears. Possibly a cross between Devendra Banhart and Hope Sandoval?

hinah019 - Martin Klingman "Apple Skies"
"What moments fill you with childlike innocence? Running in the rain? Listening to the White Album on headphones spaced out to no end? Laughing out loud wrenched over in tears?
It's been an amazing journey for me. These songs came to me through living each day. I had not much to do with it. They fell into my lap, recorded in a 24 hour period, live, with no overdubs. I had been strumming around town with my band GLISS & decided with the encouragement of those close to me to document a stripped down version of my latest batch of melody & chords.
Sha-meel Sha-mozzle........................................."
- Martin Klingman

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. All Together
2. Boy To Girl
3. Here We Go
4. These Days
5. Birds
6. I Don't Care
7. Stay Down
8. Strange Ways
9. Sunny Side

All songs written by Martin Klingman
(Apple Sky Music BMI 2004)

- Musician -
Martin Klingman : guitar and voice

- Place -
Recorded / mixed in Martin Klingman's Silverlake apartment live with two microphones. Mastered by indie cult dare devil - Fox Scarlett in the palace of Denmarks' genius Programmer/Bass/
Vocalist: Victoria Cecilia
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