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- sold outhinah023 - James William Hindle & James Green "The Goat"

hinah023 - James William Hindle & James Green

"The Goat"

We bought James William Hindle's debut album on trust in his record label (Badman, which had just released albums by Mark Kozelek and Paula Frazer) and in the beautiful sleeve à la Red House Painters. When we got home, we looked at the booklet and found out that the artwork was done by our comrade Matt Dornan from Comes with a Smile. That was definitely a very good start. As for the music, we totally fell for James's folk songs and catchy melodies. We loved his very soft voice, and his cover of the Bee Gees' "I Started A Joke" was such a gem! So, when he got in touch with us and offered to record something for hinah, we obviously welcomed him with wide open arms. Here is this one-off object, a collaboration with James Green from Big Eyes.

hinah023 - James William Hindle & James Green "The Goat"
"The Goat" is a collection of mostly improvised instrumental pieces recorded in one day in May 2005 in Sheffield, UK. The project came about through a mutual love of drone-based melody and the resulting recordings seemed to illustrate a simpler side to their own musical interests. Hindle is perhaps better know as a folk-singer, especially in the US, where he releases albums on San Francisco label Badman Recordings, and Green for his experimental chamber group Big Eyes as well as more recent solo outings.

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. You've Done It Again
2. Play Ball
3. Think Thinner
4. We're On Your Side
5. Who Was The Dog I Saw You With?
6. Think About Tomorrow
7. They're Playing Your Song
8. It's Raining On Your Parade

All songs written by Hindle/Green and copyright Hindle/Green 2005

- Musicians -
James William Hindle: acoustic guitar, harp, percussion
James Green: acoustic guitar, loops, harmonium, harmonica, autoharp
Additional harp, singing bowl and percussion by Jamie Crewe
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