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- sold outhinah026 - oRSo "Rovereto"

hinah026 - oRSo


We first discovered this project from Phil Spirito (ex-Rex, ex-Loftus and a member of Califone) in a record shop, wondering what was that homophonic band (our surname is Orseau) with a beautiful sleeve showing a bear ('orso' in Italian), a beehive and, of course, bees annoying the massive plantigrade. We became even more intrigued and interested as we explored their raw folk music, with an upfront banjo playing unusually slowly and creating a constant unease. After three albums, and especially since their latest cd, the brassy "My Dreams Are Back And They Are Better Than Ever", oRSo has evolved towards a more "open" sound that introduces some fresh air in what remains a mostly arid environment.

hinah026 - oRSo "Rovereto"
"This recording was made during oRSo's first italian tour in may of 2001 The show was held at a cultural center in rovereto italy. The town is tucked up neatly in the mountains. Our hosts were so gracious and the hall large, incredible and yellow. It had been a long rainy drive so we relaxed and had a few snacks. It was decided we should set up some mics and record the show. Roberto ran around and got everything together and the recording turned out great. For some reason that night we just sat back and played on and on till we had no songs left. When we finished I remember just sitting in my chair looking out at the meager happy audience and smiling. This show turned out to be one of the oRSo quartet version four's best perfomances."
- Phil Spirito

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Wedding Song
2. Mama
3. Spiders House
4. Trail Fire
5. Blinddate
6. Old Times
7. Crown Point
8. Stick Your Neck Out
9. Madagascar
10. Everyman's Blues
11. Loaded For Bear
12. Three Chimneys All Different
13. Hartz Of Darkness
14. Xmas Tomorrow
15. Gymnopedie
16. Fireman's Cough
17. Milanesa
18. For Lack Of Better Words

- Musicians -
Phil Spirito : tenor guitar, banjos, and vocals
Carlo Cennamo : alto saxophone
Julie Liu : violin and viola
Griffin Rodriguez : bass and vocals

Presented by Associazione Dissonanze Armoniche
Teatro Alla Cartiera
19.5.2002 Domenica
Recorded by Roberto
Mastered by Griffin
With great thanks to Bernardo, Roberto and Anna

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