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- sold outhinah027 - The Green Apple Sea "How Else Can We Escape?"

hinah027 - The Green Apple Sea

"How Else Can We Escape?"

Although a bit more than a year ago we announced the end of the hinah series, it is back again! And as we are now located in Germany, what better way to start again than with a band from Nuremberg?
It is true that The Green Apple Sea is a German band, however it sounds more like an American folk band successfully enhanced with pop melodies and the warm, sweet voice of Stefan Prange (who was also the bassist of The Transmissionary Six during their latest tour in Europe). We also stronglly recommend their new album "Forever Sounds Great", that will come out on Skycap Records in March.

hinah027 - The Green Apple Sea "How Else Can We Escape?"
"Though I know about hinah for quite a while, I first met Laurent and Eloïse Orseau on tour with Transmissionary Six in October 2006. At the hinah headquarter, moved from Paris to Frankfurt, we had a great time listening to records, playing songs and looking at Laurent's beautiful photography. It was a pleasure for us to be invited to be a part of the hinah universe and record this EP. So we sat down and played and sang with whoever was available. The music you hear is very intentional. Not much planned, just playing around with ideas and instruments. "On Satellite Wings" and "Girls In Paris" were recorded at Christian & Lucia's place in the living room. While that first song is about losing a beloved human being the second one is about a beloved city. "Good Old Mr. Böhm" and "How Else Can We Escape" were recorded at Lonestar Studios. "Good Old..." is named after the beautiful drum machine you hear in the background. Those two songs belong to a trilogy of songs about a boy and "the evil". I recorded "Rock 'n' Roll Band" and "Save our pretty hearts" at home in our kitchen. I like the lyrics of "Rock 'n' Roll Band" a lot. It is a Shel Silverstein poem and somehow it fits perfectly for the band The Green Apple Sea. This also leads to the title we chose for the EP. "How Else Can We Escape?" There is no better way to escape every day life than playing and listening to music. Well, and then, that's it, I hope you like the songs. Thanks for listening!"
- Stefan Prange

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. On Satellite Wings
2. The Girls in Paris
3. Good Old Mr. Böhm
4. How Else Can We Escape?
5. Rock 'n' Roll Band
6. Save Our Pretty Hearts

Track 1, 3, 4, and 6 by The Green Apple Sea, 2 by Lee Hazlewood, 5 by Something Corporate/Shel Silverstein.

Track 1, 2 recorded at Christians & Lucias place, 5 and 6 recorded at Stefans place, 3 and 4 recorded at Lonestar-Studios.
Track 4, 6 published by Edition Skycap. All tracks recorded and mixed by Christian Ebert, Frank Mollena, and Stefan Prange.

These people sang and/or played an instrument: Christian Ebert, Frank Mollena, Patrick Göbel, Stefan Prange, Steffi Kohl, Jule Siebert and Tobias Heubeck.

Thanks to Eloïse & Laurent Orseau, Christian Ebert, Frank Mollena, and Lucia Schraubert.
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