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hinahsingle002 - The Transmissionary Six / melmac

hinahsingle002 - The Transmissionary Six / melmac

Now that we come to think of it, the idea of this split single springs from an epic conversation in a Parisian café between Paul Austin -- at the time still a member of Willard Grant Conspiracy -- and Luc Reverter -- half of Melmac. While we were listening to them speak about Sonic Youth's torrid shows, we started wondering what a collaboration between these two characters could sound like. Two years later, we have the answer!

hinahsingle002 - a - The Transmissionary Six / melmachinahsingle002 - b - melmac / The Transmissionary Six

a - The Transmissionary Six with melmac
"Big Game Hunter"
Transmissionary Six take a loop from Melmac and then let themselves go and build a sparsely rhythmed track upon it: Paul Austin's guitar playing is as minimal as can be, and Terri Moeller's voice rests on a disconcertingly cold phrasing.

b - melmac with The Transmissionary Six
"Purely Medicinal"
As "Purely Medicinal" may be our favourite track from Transmissionary Six, it's a delight for us to discover this new version, revisited and teleported to Melmac: the Reverter Bros. only kept Terri Moeller's voice and wrapped it up in sparkling bubbles and cotton.

A big THANK YOU to Lora Oliver for the single pictures!
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