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Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"

The Feelies

"In Between"

Various Artists

"Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70's - Part 1 & 2"

Thurston Moore

"Rock N Roll Consciousness"

Benoît Pioulard

"The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter"

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"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"


"The Drain"

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Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band

"Wede Harer Guzo"


hinahgift007 - Adam Selzer "hinah session"

hinahgift007 - Adam Selzer

"hinah session"

Un an après son premier passage au hinah hq, Adam Selzer revient d'une tournée allemande, mais cette fois-ci sans sa petite troupe de Norfolk & Western. N'ayant pas de concert prévu sur Paris, nous l'invitons à venir jouer devant un petit parterre d'amis. Adam joue le jeu et se plaît à nous faire découvrir des morceaux tout juste composés !

hinahgift007 - Adam Selzer "hinah session"
"Here are some songs I recorded exactly one year after the first hinah session. There are a couple that were written while in Europe, and I can't remember the where or what or how of the others. I've probably forgotten how to play them all now so they most likely won't be recorded again. Hope you can enjoy them..."
- Adam Selzer

mp3 téléchargeables
1 - "Ancient Cry"
00:02:53 / 2.63 Mo
2 - "The Night's Disguise"
00:02:32 / 2.32 Mo
3 - "Oh, My Lies"
00:02:34 / 2.34 Mo
4 - "Impossible"
00:03:15 / 2.97 Mo
5 - "Take Off Your Diamonds"
00:03:10 / 2.90 Mo

- Paroles & musique: Adam Selzer
- Musicien
Adam Selzer: guitare et chant
- Enregistré le 9 novembre 2003 au hinah hq par Laurent Orseau
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