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hinahgift024 - Matt Bauer "hinah session"

hinahgift024 - Matt Bauer

"hinah session"

Matt Bauer nous avait déjà fait un petit plaisir il y a quelques années : il avait contribué à notre "Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music by Harry Smith" en s'appropriant "Willie Moore". Un peu plus tard, il nous avait envoyé son gros EP "Wasps And White Roses", très belle réussite folk où le banjo se mêle à la voix suave de Matt. Ce dernier savait aussi s'entourer puisque l'on retrouve sur ce disque Jolie Holland et Mariee Sioux ! Ce printemps, Matt étant sur les routes européennes en tant que musicien d'Alela Diane, nous en avons profité pour lui demander de faire un petit crochet par Francfort pour une hinah session en public.

hinahgift024 - Matt Bauer "hinah session"
"I was supposed to arrive at 2:30, but the train ahead of ours caught on fire. They put us on buses so we could catch the next high speed train from a different station. The buses got us there late. We missed the train. The information booth was closed. The ticket booth was closed. Yipes. An American student studying German helped me figure out that I could take a local train to Koblenz and then another to Frankfurt. She also let me borrow her cell phone so I could call Eloïse and Laurent and let them know what was happening.

So there I was traveling along a river somewhere in Germany not understanding any of the announcements. I was looking out the window at terraced rock walls and vineyards and castles and a seemingly endless number of enormous hawks swooping down on things. I was wondering if I was even heading in the right direction. I'm not really sure why I wasn't stressed out.

Laurent and his friend Eric met me at the station when my train finally arrived at 8 in the evening. People were already at the house. We walked straight there, had some (really good!) dinner, and I played. I was about a month into a tour where I'd been accompanying a friend on banjo. I wasn't sure I'd remember how to play my own songs. It was also the first time in a month that I didn't play with a smoke machine pumping out enormous billows of fog. Which was a treat.

It was great! People were super nice and we hung out for a long time afterward. I learned some German, which I promptly forgot. I learned about oubapo. The ipod was on shuffle and kept turning up friends of mine, even a song a friend had recorded at my old apartment in San Francisco. Friends, music, home cooked food, a living room with comic books and an enormous record collection, 3 or 4 languages floating around the room. The world seemed really small and impossibly large all at once. I felt at home."
- Matt Bauer

mp3 téléchargeables
1 - "Western States"
00:04:48 / 5.49 Mo
2 - "Rose And Vine"
00:03:23 / 3.88 Mo
3 - "Florida Rain"
00:02:32 / 2.91 Mo
4 - "Are You The One?"
00:03:05 / 3.52 Mo
5 - "Sea Lion Woman"
00:03:10 / 3.62 Mo
6 - "Blacksnake In The Carport"
00:03:07 / 3.56 Mo
7 - "Carve It Out"
00:03:26 / 3.92 Mo
8 - "You Belong To Me"
00:04:05 / 4.67 Mo
9 - "As She Came Out Of The Water"
00:02:50 / 3.25 Mo
10 - "Don't Let Me Out"
00:03:28 / 3.96 Mo

- paroles & musique de Matt Bauer, sauf "You Belong To Me" (Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart et Chilton Price)
- Matt Bauer : chant, banjo et guitare
- Enregistré le 13 avril 2008 au hinah hq Deutschland par Eloïse Orseau
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