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hinahgift025 - Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin "hinah session"

hinahgift025 - Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin

"hinah session"

Pour ceux qui viennent régulièrement sur notre site web, le nom de Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin n'est pas vraiment étranger puisqu'il se retrouve très souvent dans la partie nouveautés du site. Et pour cause, voilà bientôt cinq ans que nous suivons de très près l'actualité du projet de Morgan Caris et nous avons la très grosse envie de sortir un disque de sa part. Mais Morgan est un perfectionniste et ce disque n'a toujours pas pris forme... du coup une hinah session était devenue plus que nécessaire et la possibilité d'une soirée acoustique avec Shelley Short et Brittain Ashford pour étrenner notre hinah hq parisien était le prétexte idéal !

hinahgift025 - Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin "hinah session"
"I've known Laurent from about the time I started singing my own songs. That's how we met. He was one of the few people there in the room the first few times I went up on stage alone. Since then we've become friends. You'd think with both of us wanting to work together it should have taken less than five years for it to happen... You'd be wrong.

First I moved to Vancouver. Then when I came back Laurent and Eloïse suspended hinah for a while and moved to Frankfurt. Several sessions were canceled because of health or calendar issues. An ep project we had never got done because I was never happy with my recordings. Even this introductory text is taking far longer to get done and handed in than one would normally expect...

You'd think there was an evil witch somewhere bent on not letting anything happen beween hinah and I. Or maybe I just find it a little intimidating to work with someone who is both a friend and such an acute music connoisseur. But when last Spring Laurent suggested to include me in a session recording that was going to take place in his new Parisian apartment alongside Brittain Ashford and Shelley Short, I decided I couldn't pass. So I went.

Trouble is I hadn't slept. I arrived late (but not too late) under a deceitfully wet drizzle. I sat through Brittain and Shelley's sets, which I enjoyed in the way one would his last supper if the last supper in question was really good. Then when my turn came I sang through too many covers with too few of my brain cells still activated and sleep meddling with my fingers and playing tricks on my memory.

We took out the songs that were just plain wrong and you are left here with the somewhat sad remnants of that sleepy evening. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed myself, I was just in no shape to play a set, much less record one. So be lenient. I have since promised Laurent that we would do something else for hinah eventually. These recordings are just a way of telling the evil witch to back off. "
- Morgan Caris

mp3 téléchargeables
1 - "No Home" (Morgan Caris)
00:03:18 / 3.78 Mo
2 - "Waiting Around To Die" (Townes Van Zandt)
00:02:36 / 2.98 Mo
3 - "The Fruit" (Morgan Caris)
00:02:19 / 2.65 Mo
4 - "A Singer Must Die" (Leonard Cohen)
00:03:29 / 3.99 Mo
5 - "Billy" (Bob Dylan)
00:03:44 / 4.28 Mo

- Morgan Caris : chant et guitare
- Enregistré le 11 mars 2008 au hinah hq France par Eloïse Orseau
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