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Doug Hoekstra - Make Me Believe

Doug Hoekstra

"Make Me Believe"

One of the great benefits to being on mailing lists for alt country, Americana and roots music etc is that you discover some great music. This happened with Doug Hoekstra on the English webzine Flyin' Shoes where Doug is one of a number of contributors. Doug isn't new to this musical scene, since he raged in Bucket Number Six ( a group influenced by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams) which preceeded two solo albums. But for the first time his albums have been released in Europe courtesy of English label Round Tower. Doug cites his main influences as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and The Kinks and on listening to his work, you can hear this. The adopted Nashvillian has taken the influences of the songs and rhythms of folk/country/pop and the results, while remaining loyal to the musical main line are very strong, personal creations; the songs which lean on Doug's sweet and delicate voice (helped by the folky and feminine backing vocals of K.K. Falkner) whisper the ordinary stories of everyday life.

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