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Magic 12 - Magic 12

Magic 12

"Magic 12"

Even though Magic 12 shares a guitarist with the group Willard Grant Conspiracy, the two bands are signed on the same tiny record label, and the producers of this cd also produce Willard Grant Conspiracy, the groups don't have much in common musically. So don't expect to discover a new group coming out of the American folk-country scene. Far from trendy or arrogant, Magic 12 is exactly the kind of pop group you want to cherish, tell your friends about, and listen to when you feel blue. If you had to name a related sound for this Boston group, you would readily think of the Australian Go-Betweens, with a sweet dash of Harvey Williams thrown in. The melodies are simple, delicate and warm, and the voice of singer Toby Ingalls reveals an endearing fragility, with the backing vocals of Beth Heinberg and Dana Hollowell completing this ensemble. Although Magic 12 will probably not revolutionize your life, its songs will surely be an agreeable means of sweetening it.

- Translation : Sara Goldstein and Eloïse Stéclebout
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