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La Nuit Américaine - Serenadze

La Nuit Américaine


The band's four-track demo had already thrilled us with delight last year, as La Nuit Americaine reminded us of a dark mix of Arab Strap, Paloma and Migala. This time, Christian returns with a meticulously crafted album that
contains reworked demo tunes as well as new titles. And the magic still works, and works even more. Even though the sound has filled out, the musical surroundings of La Nuit Americaine are still as hard and upsetting: the keyboards, drawn on the best frozen 80's New Wave ("A Certain Goodbye" and the title track) coexist with a guitar and vocals that tend more towards a damaged and drunk folk music (the desperate "Whispers" and "Downhill"). This album is a real pleasure for those who love
diving headfirst into moody, gloomy atmospheres.

- Translation : Eloïse Stéclebout and Eric Bensel
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