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Snapshots #12 - Radiogram, Tracker, Jason Molina + Will Oldham + Alasdair Roberts, Barrel Harbor, Hayden, Wow & Flutter

Snapshots #12

Radiogram, Tracker, Jason Molina + Will Oldham + Alasdair Roberts, Barrel Harbor, Hayden, Wow & Flutter

Due to obvious reasons of slow translation, we're unable to provide you with this review in English at the moment. In the meantime, as we're very keen that you should read about the cds we've listened to lately, and if you want to live a strange experience, here's an automated translation by Altavista!

Insidiously, certain discs end up becoming essential. It is the case of "All The Way Home" of Radiogram, which, even after four months of weekly passage cannot leave the pile of the innovations. And, finally, when one leans a little more seriously on the case of the group, it is not so astonishing: a country with the melodies imparables which are fixed automatically and, very significant asset very, a hot and slightly éraillée female-intonated voice... with damner thus! Eh then, a group which takes again a piece of New Order to the banjo can be only very sympathetic nerve! Tracker is back, which will be able only to delight doped label by Portland cement FILMguerrero (Norfolk & Western, Transmissionary Six, Naïm Amor...) which we are. To start "Polk", small instrumental "a soundscape" is essential and it left for twelve pieces mixing languor folk, point of excitation rock'n'roll and only decorated landscapes of rocks and bushes rabougris. Small cherry on the cake, John Askew and his comrades finish the album by "French", new interpretation of the piece which they had written for the first volume of "Acuarela Songs ". Did Jason Molina + Will Oldham + Alasdair Roberts all the three joined together... dream you? Eh well they did it! Amalgamated Sons Of Rest is the meeting of these three large catches and these three exceptional voices on a large ep (six titles + a "hidden" piece). Folk in its simpler apparatus and voice to make chialer largest rough, we are with the angels. It should be noted that this disc is an extraordinary test to make pass to your girlfriends and to buddies who say fans of the three boys. If they do not guess which sings when, you oblige them with réécouter the totality of the albums of the three members! Since one is into full rough folk, here the ideal occasion to present a demonstration which made well us crack, that of Barrel Harbor which is based on a simple play of guitar, on a very serious voice which recalls by certain sides that of Robert Fisher de Willard Grant Conspiracy and especially on texts of a blackness which sied perfectly with the musical destitution. Ah yes, not to forget to say that the group allows some variations in the world of... Joy Division. And the guy leaves himself there terribly well in this exercise most perilous with two punk titles surmounted a Gothic voice. To close the chapter folk, do not hesitate especially to throw you over the double live of Hayden which leaves to the impeccable American label which is Badman. One finds there of very acoustic Hayden posing his granulous voice on simple and outstanding melodies. Eh then how to resist a piece like "Street Bus" in all acoustics? Wow & Flutter are back of... always Portland with an album which, following the example the last Windsor For The Derby or of Thee More Shallows, should as much find its public at the folkeux ones that at the post-rockeux ones. Instrumental and repetitive beaches and surmounted more melody pieces slightly choked voice of Houston Jack are connected with a precision of clock industry. Of what to let itself carry towards some tops!

- Radiogram "All The Way Home"
(Endearing Records)
- Tracker "Polk"
- Jason Molina & Will Oldham & Alasdair Roberts "Amalgamated Sons Of Rest"
- Barrel Harbor "New Songs For Cemetery Girls"
- Hayden "Live At Convocation Hall"
- Wow & Flutter "Names"
(Jealous Butcher Records)
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