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Marianne Dissard - Five digressions

Marianne Dissard

"Five digressions"

Marianne, whom we discovered via the late Amor Belhom Duo, shares her time between writing (poems and texts for her boyfriend, Naïm Amor, but also for other artists such as Howe Gelb and Françoiz Breut), filmmaking (about Giant Sand, ABBC, Amor Belhom Duo...) and photography.

These are the five words that Marianne Dissard picked:
Dictionnaire (French)
Paratonnerre (French)

Sans chiqué, vous le saviez, vous, que pichenette, c'est chiquenaude ? Moi, j'avais oublié.

Entrés en la matière
Sous le paratonnerre,
Je me tiens, tu te tiens,
Oui, nous nous tenons bien
Sous le paratonnerre.

Une vague de chaleur,
L'électron est valseur,
Il était, elle était
Elle belle et lui beau,
Coup de tonnerre en gros.

Atmosphère électrique,
Turbulences acycliques,
Je te tiens, tu me tiens
Et nous roulons à terre
Sous le paratonnerre.

Un petit poisson argenté, vif, mais aussi un coquard.
A silvery fish and also a black eye.

Woman, who's a woman?
Who's a child?
Lover, who's a lover?
Who's to cry?
Hips and lips and kiss and tell.
Break me, I'm no porcelain.

Who said the economy is better? Who said the war is over? Who said they're doing it in our best interest? Who said to buy, and bought we did? Who said this is the best place on earth? Who said love it or leave it? Who said you signed your life away? Who said it had to be that way? Who said it is so and then we die? Who said love, be loved and won't you shut up now? Who said so? I say no.

Dissent is rising from the aisles of our foodmarts, the waiting rooms of our doctors, the parking lots of our kids' schools? Will we give it the time of day?

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