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One-(Week/Month) StandOne-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Anne-Lise Remacle, Nathalie Papillon, Thibaut Geib, Pascal Vermeulen and Laurent Orseau: every week, The OWS team choose three songs and invite a friend to pick a fourth one, every month, They choose a word/topic and pick twelve songs.


One-Off Stand #22 - One-Year Stand 2018
# by Alex
- Kurt Vile "One Trick Ponies"
- Hop Along "Not Abel"
- Kelly Moran "Nereid
- Beak> "Allé Sauvage"
- Marisa Anderson "Cloud Corner"
# by David
- Gruff Rhys "Limited Edition Heart"
- Delphine Dora "Honesty"
- Kamasi Washington "Fists of Fury"
- Autechre "Mirrage"
- Murmuziek "Votez pour moi !"
# by Gaëtan
- Cyril Cyril "Sayyara"
- Toad "La Marchienne"
- Julia Holter "I Shall Love 1"
- Roy Montgomery "Apparition (with Haley Fohr)"
- Tresque "Espere"
# by Laurent
- Jackie-O Motherfucker "Strike"
- Al Thoulathy Al Mareh "Asmar Ya Sukkar"
- Willard Grant Conspiracy "Hideous Beast"
- Ensemble 0 "Bird of Paradise"
- LaVice & Company "Two Sisters From Bagdad"
# by Nathalie
- Soundwalk Collective "Que la poésie soit d'abord résistance"
- H Takahashi "Sink"
- Masaya Kato "Feathers Beside"
- Vanessa Amara "Of Hoping"
- Yann Novak "Radical Transparency"

photo by Laurent Orseau


One-Week Stand #281 - Live at Casino Luxembourg
- Sova Stroj "Live at Casino Luxembourg, 10.06.2017"
by our guest Björn Jauss from Ambient Lay Down
- Master Wilburn Burchette "A Psychic Journey Of Transformation (Part Two)"
by Nathalie
- Georges Delerue "Police Python 357"
by David
- Lawrence English "Somnambulist"
by Gaëtan
- Spectrum & Silver Apples "The Edge"
by Laurent
- Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto "Glass"
by Alex

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #280 - Gendel in 5
- Sam Amidon "Gendel in 5"
by our guest Tasha
- Idaho "Goldenseal"
by Laurent
- Smog "Our Anniversary"
by Alex
- Arthur Russell "I Couldn't Say It To Your Face"
by David
- Mark Kozelek "The Black Butterfly"
by Nathalie
- Espers "Byss & Abyss"
by Gaëtan

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #279 - Ishin-Denshin
- C. Memi "Ishin-Denshin"
by our guest Céline Gillain
- Mouse on Mars "Stereomission"
by David
- Naimi "På Låtsas"
by Gaëtan
- Suicide "Sweetheart"
by Alex
- Dijf Sanders "Afghan Cavalry"
by Laurent
- The Velvets "Lana"
by Nathalie

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #278 - Kerkersong
- Caspar Brötzmann / Massaker "Kerkersong"
by our guest Alexandrine Kirmser from Revue & Corrigée
- Swans "She Loves Us"
by Alex
- Gnod "People"
by David
- The Necks "Fife and Drum"
by Nathalie
- Earth "Omens And Portents II: Carrion Crow"
by Laurent
- Schnellertollermeier "Piccadilly Sources"
by Gaëtan

photo by Christy Romanick
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