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Top ten 2002 - Par Amor, James Apt, Paul Austin, Jessica Bailiff, Barrel Harbor, David Michael Curry, Alex Gwinnett, Don Nino, Donna, Man, Melmac, Rivulets, Tracker, M. Ward, Greg Weeks, ...

Top ten 2002

Par Amor, James Apt, Paul Austin, Jessica Bailiff, Barrel Harbor, David Michael Curry, Alex Gwinnett, Don Nino, Donna, Man, Melmac, Rivulets, Tracker, M. Ward, Greg Weeks, ...

Naïm Amor (Amor)
Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)
James Apt
John Askew (Tracker)
Paul Austin (Transmissionary Six)
Jessica Bailiff
Charles-Eric Charrier (Man)
John Clarkson (Penny Black Music)
David Michael Curry (Empty House Cooperative)
Sammy Decoster (Tornado)
Marianne Dissard (Amor)
Matt Dornan (Comes With A Smile)
Cédric Duboudin (Disques Mobile)
Frédéric Dufourd (Donna)
Mathieu Gélézeau (Kïmmo)
Alex Gwinnett
Jack Houston (Wow & Flutter)
Franck Jankowski (Grand Téton)
Nicolas Laureau (Don Nino)
Bill Nehill (Barrel Harbor)
Laurent Orseau (hinah)
Adrian Pannett (Under The Surface)
Fred Paquet (Intercontinetal)
Luc Reverter (Melmac)
Jean-Marc Sache (Le Zatapathique Illustré)
Eloïse Stéclebout (hinah)
M. Ward
Greg Weeks

Naïm Amor
- John Parish
- Gonzales
- Martin Denny
- Tom Walbank
- The Clash (docu Westway to the world)
- Michael Moore (Bowling For Columbine)
- Burt Lee (l'inventeur du talk show !)
- In the shadow of Motown (docu sur les musiciens de la Motown)
- Katerine
- Leo Ferre-Seul en Scene

Nathan Amundson
- Aarktica "... Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway"
- the Ashtray Hearts "Old Numbers"
- Jessica Bailiff "untitled"
- the Birdtree "Orchards and Caravans"
- Drekka "Take Care To Fall"
- György Ligeti "The Ligeti Project II"
- Low "Trust"
- Múm "Finally We Are No One"
- Origami Arktika "Vardøgr"
- Pan American "the River Made No Sound"

James Apt
- Sam Phillips "Fan Dance"
- Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man "Out Of Season"
- Wilco "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot"
- Lou Reed "Take No Prisoners"
- The Scientists "Human Jukebox"
- David Bowie "30th Anniversary Edition 'Ziggy Stardust'"
- The Speakers "En El Maravilloso Mundo De Ingeson"
- Chris Lucey "Songs Of Protest And Anti-Protest"
- Aimee Mann "Lost In Space"
- Linda Thompson "Fashionably Late"

John Askew
(Tracker - FILMguerrero)
- Mia Doi Todd "The Golden State"
- John Parish "How Animals Move"
- Lambchop "Is a Woman"
- Tom Waits "Alice"
- Hayden "Skyscraper National Park"
- The Decemberists "Castaways and Cutouts"
- Tom Waits "Blood Money"
- Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter "Reckless Burning"
- Richard Buckner "Impasse"
- Beck "Sea Changes"

Paul Austin
(The Transmissionary Six)
- Beck "Sea Change"
- Eels "Souljacker"
- The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots"
- Beth Gibbons And Rustin Man "Out Of Season"
- Richard Hawley "Late Night Final"
- Jurassic 5 "Power In Numbers"
- DJ Shadow "The Private Press"
- Sinister Luck Ensemble "Anniversary"
- Jesse Sykes "Reckless Burning"
- Tied And Tickled Trio "The Electric Avenue Tapes"
- Wilco "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Demos" (bootleg, but easy to find!)

Jessica Bailiff
- Piano Magic "Writers Without Homes"
- Low "Trust"
- Rivulets "s/t"
- Windy & Carl "Introspection"
- Boards of Canada "Geogaddi"
- Aarktica "... Or You Could Just Go Through Your Whole Life And Be Happy Anyway"
- Casino Versus Japan "Whole Numbers Play The Basics"
- Charles Atlas "Worsted Weight"
- Boom Bip "Seed To Sun"
- Drekka "Take Care To Fall"

Charles-Eric Charrier
- Jackie O Motherfucker "Change"
- Town And Country "C'mon"
- Bashung "L'imprudence"
- Formanex "2nd album"
- Suicide "Re-issue of the second album"
- This Heat "Tago Mago" re-issue
- Lecoq "Interludes"

John Clarkson
(Penny Black Music)
- Baptiste "Nothing Shines Like A Dying Heart"
- Transmissionary Six "Transmissionary Six"
- Magic 12 "High"
- Repomen "Seventeen Again"
- Richmond Fontaine "Winnemucca"
- Sound "Jeopardy"
- Jack "The End Of The Way It's Always Been"
- La Nuit Americaine "When The Music Ends"
- Tracker "Polk"
- Six by Seven "The Way I Feel Today"

David Michael Curry
(Empty House Cooperative - Willard Grant Conspiray - Thalia Zedek ...)
- Dirty Three "Whatever You Love, You Are"
(Anchor and Hope/Touch and Go/Glitterhouse, 2000)
- Henry Cowell "Piano Music"
(Smithsonian Folkways, 1963, re-released 1993)
- Hamza el Din "Escalay - The Water Wheel" Oud music from Nubia
(Nonesuch - Explorer Series, 1971, Vinyl LP)
- Gillian Welch "Time (The Revelator)"
(Acony Records, 2001)
- Johnny Cash "American 3: Solitary Man"
(American Recordings, Columbia, 1996)
- Huun-Huur-Tu "If I'd Been Born An Eagle"
(Tuvan throat singers with Russian folk musican guests) (Shanachie #64080, 1997)
- Shalabi Effect "The Trial Of St-Orange"
(experimental, oud, guitar & electronics...)
- Penderecki "St. Luke's Passion/To The Victims of Hiroshima"
(Vinyl LP, Philips Records, PHS2-901, 1960 & 1965)
- Sinister Luck Ensemble "Anniversary"
(Perishable Records, 2002)
- Shannon Wright "Maps Of Tacit"
(Quarterstick Records, 2000)

Sammy Decoster
- Evan Dando "(Baby I'm Bored?) The Griffith Sunset EP"
- Giant Sand "Infiltration Of Dreams"
- Santo & Johnny "Santo & Johnny"
- Múm "Finally We Are No One"
- Vince Gallo "Recordings Of Music For A Film"
- Trans Am "s/t"
- Dirty Three "Whatever You Love, You Are"
- The Black Heart Procession "Amore Del Tropico"
- Tom Waits "Blood Money"
- St Thomas "I'm Coming Home"

Marianne Dissard
(Naïm Amor)
- le dernier Gonzales avec le plus de gens possible,
- toujours tout Katerine tout le temps,
- Howe Gelb en passant devant sa fenêtre soir et matin,
- Johnny Cash au restaurant le Grill,
- Amor toute la journée toute l'année à la maison,
- Les niouses sur KTKC dans la cadillac à l'arrêt,
- Transmissionary Six sur l'interstate I-10 direction LA,
- Léo Ferré sur la I-5 roulant vers San Fran,
- Dominique A. en faisant du vélo au soleil l'hiver,
- Tom Walbank en buvant des bloody marys au Grill.

Matt Dornan
(Comes With A Smile)
- Tori Amos "Scarlet's Walk"
- T. Bluhm/G. Loiacono "Ball Point Birds"
- Darren Hanlon "Hello Stranger"
- Karate "Some Boots"
- Matt Pond PA "The Nature of Maps"
- Matt Pond PA "The Green Fury"
- Archer Prewitt "Three"
- Rodeo Boy "The Pine and The Promise"
- Sunday's Best "The Californian"
- Unbunny "Black Strawberries"

Cédric Duboudin
(Disques Mobile)
- Rivulets "Rivulets"
- Guimo "There's A Nip In The Air, Boy"
- Tara Jane O'Neil "TKO"
- L'Altra "In The Afternoon"
- Bevel "Where Leaves Block The Sun"
- Adrian Crowley "When You Are Here You Are Family"
- The Iditarod "The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat And The Angel"
- Jessica Bailiff "Jessica Bailiff"
- Gravenhurst "Internal Travels"
- David Grubbs "Rickets And Scurvy"

Frédéric Dufourd
(Donna - Grand Téton)
- Hanged Up "Kicker In Tow"
- Japancakes "Belmondo"
- Norfolk & Western "Winter Farewell"
- Limp "Orion"
- Sierpinski "The Geography Of Ours"
- Biosphere "Shenzou"
- (smog) "Accumulation: none"
- Joseph Arthur "Junkyard Hearts (I, II, III, IV)"
- Sylvain Chauveau "Nocturne impalpable"
- Jean-Louis Murat "Le Moujik et sa femme" + "L'Au-delà" ep !!
- Neil Halstead "Sleeping On Roads"

Mathieu Gélézeau
(Kïmmo - Positive Rage)
- Black Heart Procession "Amore Del Tropico" + concert at Mains d'oeuvre (St Ouen)
- Q and not U "Different Dammage" + concert at the Nouveau Casino (Paris)
- V/A "20 Years of Dischord"
- Concert de Berg sans Nipple at Mains d'oeuvre (St Ouen)
- Mercy Giants "Racing Club Hades"
- Plod "s/t" (autoproduction)
- Hood "Cold House"
- Mogwaï "My Father My King"
- L'Altra "In The Afternoon"

Alex Gwinnett
- Múm "Finally We Are No One"
- Saloon "This Is What We Call Progress"
- Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around"
- Mick Turner "Moth"
- Boards Of Canada "Geodaddi"
- Eu "Warm Math"
- Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Yanqui UXO"
- Ulrich Schnauss "Far Away Trains Passing By"
- Manual "Ascend"
- Dressy Bessy "Sound Go Round"

Jack Houston
(Wow & Flutter)
- Low "Trust"
- Sonic Youth "Murray St"
- Beck "Sea Change"
- Norfolk & Western "I Can't Remember The Name"
- Pinback "Blue Screen Life"
- Unwound "Leaves Turn Inside You"
the rest of it is all old stuff:
- John Coltrane-Sun Ship, Love Supreme, Japan '66
- Miles Davis-Porgy and Bess, Miles Ahead, the 70's electric stuff
- Billy Holiday-various Verve collections
- Nels Cline, Birth, The Swords Project, Joan of Arc, Owls,
and always:
- The Smiths, The Cure, Neil Young, VU, Iggy, The Stones

Franck Jankowski
(Grand Téton)
- :Zoviet*France: "Digilogue"
- Bip-hop Generation "Volume 5"
- Colleen "Babies 7" "
- Do Make Say Think "& Yet & Yet"
- Domotic "Bye Bye"
- Fennesz "Field Recording 1995:2002"
- Hypo "Karaoke A Capella"
- Micro:mega "Annex"
- Piano Magic "Writers Without Homes"
- Sonic Youth "Bande originale Demonlover"
- The Remote Viewer "Here I Go Again On My Own"
- Yo La Tengo "The Sounds Of The Sounds Of Science"

Nicolas Laureau
(Don Nino)
- V/A "Studio One Story" (DVD + CD)
- Dominique A "Le détour"
- The Black Heart Procession "Amore Del Tropico"
- Dominique Petitgand "Le point de côté"
- Bashung "L'imprudence"
- Home Life (Ninja Tune)
- Big Yum Yum "Clic Clac"
- Dragibus "Lollipop"
- David Grubbs "Rickets & Scurvy"
- Boom Bip "Seed to Sun"

Bill Nehill
(Barrel Harbor)
- Lambchop "Is a Woman"
- Willard Grant Conspiracy/Telefunk "In The Fishtank"
- Appendix Out "A Warm And Yeasty Corner"
- New Order "Retro" (box set)
- Johnny Dowd "The Pawnbroker's Wife"
- Psychedelic Furs "Talk Talk Talk" (reissue)
- Mark Eitzel "Rehearsals For Retirement" (album track)
- Songs: Ohia "Didn't It Rain"
- Sparks "Lil Beethoven"
- Mekons "OOOH!!!"

Laurent Orseau
(hinah - site)
- Devendra Banhart "Oh Me Oh My... The Way Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit"
- Gravenhurst "Internal Travels"
- Guimo "There's A Nip In The Air, Boy"
- Daniel Littleton & Tara Jane O'Neil "Music For A Meteor Shower"
- Man "Main gauche"
- Oslø Telescopic "The Dominique ? Project"
- Radiogram "All The Way Home"
- Transmissionary Six "DeSOTO"
- Tom Waits "Alice"
- Windsor For The Derby "The Emotional Rescue LP"

Adrian Pannett
(Under The Surface)
- Lee Hazlewood "For Every Solution There Is A Problem"
- Rainer "The Farm"
- Johnny Cash "American IV: The Man Comes Around"
- Windsor For The Derby "The Emotional Rescue LP"
- Guided By Voices "Universal Truths & Cycles"
- Matt Pond PA "The Green Fury / The Nature of Maps"
- Mary Lorson & Saint Low "Tricks For Dawn"
- The National Trust "Dekkagar"
- Chicago Underground Duo "Axis And Alignment"
- Tom Waits "Blood Money / Alice"

Fred Paquet
- Six Organs Of Admittance "Dark Noontide"
- Amalgamated Sons Of Rest "s/t"
- Quix*o*tic "Mortal Mirror"
- Windsor For The Derby "Rhe Emotional Rescue LP"
- Songs: Ohia "Didn't It Rain"
- Comets On Fire "Field Recordings From The Sun"
- Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around"
- Jad Fair & Teenage Fanclub "Words Of Wisdom & Hope"
- Tanakh "Villa Claustrophobia"
- V/A "Windswept Trees & Houses - A Jewelled Antler Compilation"

Luc Reverter
(Melmac - Ronda)
- Suicide "American Supreme"
- DJ Shadow "The Private Press"
- Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Yanqui UXO"
- Fly Pan Am "Ceux qui inventent n'ont jamais vécu (?)"
- Anticon "Music For The Advancement Of Hip Hop"
- Tarwater "Dwellers On The Threshold"
- Clouddead "Clouddead"
- Programme "L'Enfer tiede"
- Pascal Comelade "Psicotic Music' Hall"
- GTA Vice City "original soundtrack of the game"

Jean-Marc Sache
(Le Zatapathique Illustré)
- Boards of Canada "Geogaddi"
- Vinicius Cantuara "Vinicius"
- Cinematic Orchestra "Every Day"
- L'Altra "In The Afternoon"
- Lambchop "Is A Woman"
- Arto Lindsay "Invoke"
- Seelenluft "Out Of The Woods"
- Suicide "American Supreme"
- Tarwater "Dwellers On The Threshold"
- Windsor for the Derby "The Emotional Rescue LP"

Eloïse Stéclebout
- Gravenhurst "Internal Travels"
- Guimo "There's A Nip In The Air, Boy"
- Neil Halstead "Sleeping On Roads"
- Man "Main gauche"
- Norfolk & Western "Winter Farewell"
- Oslø Telescopic "The Dominique ? Project"
- Radiogram "All The Way Home"
- Bill Ricchini "Ordinary Time"
- Tom Waits "Alice"
- James Yorkston & The Athletes "Moving Up Country"

M. Ward
- Lambchop "My Blue Wave"
- Tom Waits "Alice"
- Victoria Williams "Sings Some Ol Songs"
- Bright Eyes "Trees Get Wheeled Away"
- Giant Sand "Oggle"
- Carlos Forster Family "Advance EP"
- Destroyer "The Chosen Few"
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
- Old Joe Clarks "Sweet Dreams"
- Tony Bennet "For Once In My Life"

Greg Weeks
- Devendra Banhart "Oh Me, Oh My... Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit"
- Michael Hurley "Blueberry Wine (re-issue)"
- Quix*o*tic "Mortal Mirror"
- Aroah/Nacho Vegas "Seis Canciones Desde El Norte EP"
- Strugglers "Done"
- Nina Nastasia "The Blackened Air"
- Birdwatcher "Afternoon Tales The Morning After"
- The Hylozoists "La Nouvelle Gauche"
- Edith Frost "Wonder Wonder"
- Amps For Christ "The Oak In The Ashes"

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