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Barzin - Cinq digressions


"Cinq digressions"

Avec leur premier album éponyme réédité en France cette année, Barzin a débarqué avec une musique calme et éthérée reliant le folk chaleureux des Anglais de Mojave 3 à ceux beaucoup plus froids de Low ou Mazzy Star. Pour ces "Cinq digressions", ce n'est pas une personne, mais le groupe qui a désiré participer. Voici donc quelques mots pour mieux appréhender ces Canadiens.

Les cinq mots choisis par les membres de Barzin :

The remarkable Japanese director whose film "The Seven Samurai" still feels like headlights through a pitch-black night. His tales are timeless, beautifully rendered moments that speak of things that don't seem to attach themselves to words. Rashomon and Yojimbo are other favorites.

I grew up in a city of bridges. Each day I'd pass over a river or an arm of the ocean and I still appreciate that feeling of suspension, of not quite finding the ground.

My grandmother taught me how to clean fish. She'd sharpen the filet-blade and then hold my hand in hers, as the knife slipped along the belly. It was like a zipper opening the animal while its eye stared straight up at us. I think I'm also thinking of this word because I watched Hitchcock's "Psycho" again last night.

Sad, night-time music. Like owls and crickets. On nocturnal wanderings the world changes. The city feels different, as if it has been dipped in sleep. Everything seems tame and oddly luminous. I think I would be a better person if I took long walks every night.

From the Charles Wright poem "Lost Language." He writes, "I have a hankering for the dust-light, for all things illegible." It makes me think of near darkness when you have to raise your hand in front of you when you walk so as not to bump into something. And the long band of light streaming from the movie projectionist's window, the lights go dim and the movie starts, the light is flecked with dust, with dancing, glittering dust.

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