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Matt Shaw - Tex La Homa - Cinq digessions

Matt Shaw - Tex La Homa

"Cinq digessions"

Tex La Homa (en référence au roman de Douglas Coupland "Generation X"), est un projet tournant autour de l'anglais Matt Shaw, également membre fondateur du label Superglider Records. Musique atmosphérique et mots susurrés sont les principaux ingrédients de cette aventure.

Les cinq mots choisis par Matt Shaw :

Rhythm of music, of life, of events in the world. I like the word, it's the thing that makes us dance, makes us tap our fingers on a glass or table, makes us tap our feet. Amience is great but you need rhythm too.

My favourite colour. I find it calming and theres nothing quite like a beautiful blue sky on a summer day or the clear blue ocean.

I don't see as much of mine as I really should because I live a long way from most of them and we are all so busy. But family is so important. The support, the things we share, the good times and the bad. My sister plays on the new Tex La Homa record which is really special for me as she isn't really involved with making music. It's one of those really nice things.

Not something I would wish on anyone but something we all feel at some point in our lives. Without it maybe we wouldn't appreciate the good things so maybe it's not all bad. But I would love to see a world without quite so much of it.

The Beatles said that is all you need. Not necessarliy true but it certainly make the world a lot more special if you feel it.

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