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Marc Manning - Cinq digressions

Marc Manning

"Cinq digressions"

Marc Manning vit à Portland (Oregon), ville qui semble véritablement un sanctuaire pour groupes que l'on aime par ici. Sa musique emprunte ses racines au folk mais aussi à une jeunesse sûrement passée à écouter les disques de groupes aux guitares noisy comme Slowdive ou My Bloody Valentine.

Les cinq mots choisis par Marc Manning :

I love this word because when I think or say it I picture light in my head, and especially when im in a dark mood this is a wonderfull thing a light in my head. Also light as a intangible thing that seems to direct people out of the dark, flash lights, light house, search light, all things that if you are lost in the dark are wonderfull things to behold.

to me this word is a lot like life and what it does to everything. Maybe its time and not life that burns, but in any case all things burn in one way or another. I also like the use of this word in describing how something can take hold of you and "consume" you or to have a burning desire that implies that some thing you love will eventually destroy you. That is a beautiful thing to me

beautiful to stare at for hours. The word almost feels like fire should come out of your mouth when you say it.

while light is a saving force to me a flare is a plea for assistance. Send up flares for help. A signal in the night

I love this word! I love how people use it! I think it is such a great thing that if we think someone is special that we say that they are bright! what a cool image. Imagine glowing people. The word almost makes me squint. The part from close encounters at the end where the space ship opens up and the aliens come walking out of the bright light. And just now the sunlight came streaming thru the windows, just as bright as can be, which is a big deal here in portland this time of year.

- Marc Manning
- Everything Is Fine
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