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The Twin Atlas - Cinq digressions

The Twin Atlas

"Cinq digressions"

Groupe pop où l'on retrouve un certain Sean Byrne (déjà croisé dans Mazarin et Lenola), The Twin Atlas mélange des sons et mélodies très années 60 et des rythmiques qui firent le bonheur des adorateurs de Ride et des Charlatans pour créer des petits bonheurs entraînants et chaleureux. Pour leurs cinq digressions, Sean Byrne et Lucas Zaleski ont décidé d'ajouter une contrainte supplémentaire : choisir des mots de trois lettres.

Les cinq mots (de trois lettres) choisis par Sean Byrne et Lucas Zaleski :

This is a word I've been seeing painted on the ground alot lately. It's important to look up once in a while, I suppose thats what it's saying. I think that whoever's been painting the word "fly" on the sidewalks of Manhattan has a pretty good attitude about life. That, or they are really into bugs. (L. Zaleski)

Springtime is starting to blow in to Philadelphia again and the air is once again a bit heavier, a bit wetter and comes with a nice thawed-out semi-tropical fragrance. It was a dry & cold winter and this yearly shift is always interesting, especially for one's nose. Plus, it's a good time to actually start on any resolutions you've been putting off since January since your body is kinda waking up again after a winter of comfort food and inactivity. (S. Byrne)

Sometimes something you play with. Sometimes someone you play with. A film with Richard Pryor in it. A gun is not a toy. And yet toy guns are. I think of songs as toys sometimes. Not too be taken too seriously. And maybe that's an excuse for setting a lower bar. But, toys are fun and amusing and sometimes when they bore us, we put them down and don't go back to them for a while. (L. Zaleski)

With us, taking a dig on someone is usually a sort of mean-spirited but funny observation. Whereas dig, the noun, could be a site of excavation. And of course, everyone's favorite verb, as in to dig "it". Something I recommend you do with great frequency, as there is lots to dig upon, you dig? (S. Byrne)

I haven't been drinking as much lately. I have, in the past, probably drank and been drunk too much. But a bar is also a piece of music. And also a verb meaning to prohibit. Odd that the place you get drunk is named the same thing as the word for prohibit. It's why you drink, why you bar and what you bar that matter most. (L. Zaleski)

- The Twin Atlas
- Lenola
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