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James William Hindle - Cinq digressions

James William Hindle

"Cinq digressions"

Nous avons acheté le premier album de James William Hindle sur la bonne foi du label (Badman qui venait de sortir des albums de Mark Kozelek et le premier Paula Frazer) et de la très belle pochette rappelant l'univers des Red House Painters. Arrivés à la maison, nous regardons le livret et nous découvrons que c'est notre camarade Matt Dornan de Comes with a Smile (fabuleux magazine musical anglais) qui avait réalisé l'artwork. Voilà qui commençait plus que très bien. Côté musique, James nous a fait fondre avec un folk aux mélodies directes et entêtantes et une voix très douce, et puis sa reprise des Bee Gees, "I Started A Joke", était un véritable bijou ! Depuis ce jour nous suivons très attentivement ses sorties.

Les cinq mots choisis par James William Hindle :

Cats is love is love is cats. Cats is my beautiful brother and my lover and my special little bonnie.

Something I do badly but love to do. I don't do enough of it; spend the day looking forward to doing it and then get frustrated when I can't and then when i wake up, that I can't keep doing it!

Swimming in Vermont, bus rides in the peak district, sitting in my garden, cornish sea breezes, walking with Haggis, snorkling in Angelsey...not being sat in an un-air-conditioned office building!

I always sing about them for some reason, and I take them obsesseively. Think it's cos I am scared to let memories fade away. But then I end up not being able to get rid of memories I don't want to keep, and lose countless photgraphs... is that ironic? probably... according to a good friend I also always sing about the corners of furniture...

Obvious I know, but not to be undersetimated. To paraphrase will oldham - 'am song, and song is of me'.

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