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Sam Amidon

"The Following Mountain"

The Bats

"The Deep Set"

Borja Flames

"Nacer Blanco"

André Brasseur

"Lost Gems From The 70's"

René Costy


The Feelies

"In Between"

Greenberger Jones Corsano

"An Idea In Everything"


"The Drain"


"Sciences Politiques"

Hailu Mergia & Dahlak Band

"Wede Harer Guzo"

Mdou Moctar


Moon Duo

"Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2"

Thurston Moore

"Rock N Roll Consciousness"

Janko Nilovic

"Chorus" & "Funky Tramway" & "Pop Impressions"

Orso Jesenska

"Effacer la mer" & "Les variations d'ombre"

Piano Magic


Benoît Pioulard

"The Benoît Pioulard Listening Matter"

Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni

"Les Filles de Illighadad"

Sleaford Mods

"English Tapas"

Sun Ra

"The Magic City" & "Other Planes Of There"



Various Artists

"The Hired Hands - A Tribute To Bruce Langhorne"

Various Artists

"Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70's - Part 1 & 2"

Richard Youngs

"Inside The Future" & "The Rest Is Scenery"


Top ten 2008 - Brittain Ashford, Anne Bacheley, Barzin, Matt Bauer, Comes with a Smile, Donna, Cédric Duboudin, Everything is Fine, Fulton Lights, Laura Gibson, James Green, Grumpy Bear, Alex Gwinnett, Igrecohen, Initials DC, James William Hindle, Kenyon, das klienicum, Løzninger, LunDi, Matamore, Melmac, Millefeuille, Annelies Monseré, Charles C. Oldman, Laurent Orseau, Own Records, Julien Pacaud, Charlie Parr, Penny Black Music, Perio, Phantom Limbo, The Puddle Parade, Rivulets, Christy Romanick, Silencio, Three:four Records, Tomek, toniduran, Vincent Vanoli, M. Ward, Le Zata

Top ten 2008

Brittain Ashford, Anne Bacheley, Barzin, Matt Bauer, Comes with a Smile, Donna, Cédric Duboudin, Everything is Fine, Fulton Lights, Laura Gibson, James Green, Grumpy Bear, Alex Gwinnett, Igrecohen, Initials DC, James William Hindle, Kenyon, das klienicum, Løzninger, LunDi, Matamore, Melmac, Millefeuille, Annelies Monseré, Charles C. Oldman, Laurent Orseau, Own Records, Julien Pacaud, Charlie Parr, Penny Black Music, Perio, Phantom Limbo, The Puddle Parade, Rivulets, Christy Romanick, Silencio, Three:four Records, Tomek, toniduran, Vincent Vanoli, M. Ward, Le Zata

Holger Adam (Phantom Limbo)
Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)
Brittain Ashford
Anne Bacheley
Matt Bauer
Tyler Blake (Grumpy Bear)
Hélio Camacho (Own Records, Matamore)
John Clarkson (Penny Black Music)
Charles-?ric Charrier (Charles C. Oldman)
?ric Deleporte (Perio)
Julien Demoulin (Silencio, Eglantine Records)
Matt Dornan (Comes with a Smile)
Cédric Duboudin
Frédéric Dufourd (Donna, Grand Téton)
Ellen Evers (The Puddle Parade, Delirious Riot Tapes)
?ric Fournier (Millefeuille)
Thibaut Geib (Millefeuille)
Laura Gibson
Andrew Goldman (Fulton Lights)
James Green (Big Eyes, Early Winter Recordings)
Alex Gwinnett
Claude-Marin Herbert (LunDi)
James Hindle (James William Hindle)
Eike Klien (das klienicum)
Franck Lafay (Tomek)
?ric Languillat (Initials DC)
Pierre Laplace (Kenyon)
Maxime Lê Hùng (Matamore)
Benjamin Løzninger (Løzninger)
Marc Manning (Everything is Fine)
Annelies Monseré
Laurent Orseau (hinah)
Julien Pacaud (Institut Drahomira)
Charlie Parr
Luc Reverter (Melmac, Ronda, Lucky.R)
Christy Romanick
Jean-Marc Sache (Le Zata)
Gaëtan Seguin (Millefeuille, Three:Four Records)
Vincent Vanoli
Daniel Voigt (Phantom Limbo)
Matt Ward (M. Ward)
Ambroise Yon (Igrecohen)

Holger Adam
(Phantom Limbo)
- Max Müller "Die Nostalgie ist auch nicht mehr das was sie mal war"
- James Blackshaw "Litany Of Echoes"
- Grouper "Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill"
- Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Dolores"
- Brethren Of The Free Spirit "The Wolf Shall Also Dwell With The Lamb"
- Loren Connors "The Moon Last Night"
- Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer "The Great American Songbook"
- Jozef Van Wissem "A Priori"
- David Grubbs "An Optimist Notes The Dusk"
- Ignatz "III"

Nathan Amundson
- Brian Eno "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"
- Christian Death "Catastrophe Ballet"
- David Bowie "Lodger"
- Erik Satie "Après la pluie"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Popol Vuh "Nicht Och Im Himmel"
- Roy Montgomery "Scenes From the South Island"
- Shuggie Otis "Inspiration Information"
- Stars of the Lid "And Their Refinement of the Decline"
- Various Artists "Thank You Friends: The Ardent Records Story"

Brittain Ashford
- Musee Mecanique "Hold This Ghost"
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Bowerbirds "Hyms For A Dark Horse"
- Horsefeathers "House With No Home"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Dr. Dog "Fate"
- Hotel Lights "Firecracker People"
- Loch Lomond "Paper The Walls"
- The Cave Singers "Invitation Songs"
- Sharon van Etten "s/t"

Anne Bacheley
- MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"
- Spiritualized "Songs in A&E"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Tahiti 80 "Activity Center"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle"
- Steeple Remove "Electric Suite"
- Weezer "s/t" (red album)
- Vampire Weekend "s/t"
- Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan "Sunday at Devil Dirt"
- Coming Soon "New Grids"

- The Walkmen "You & Me"
- TV On The Radio "Dear Science"
- Eric Chenaux "Dull Lights"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Shearwater "Rook"
- Priya Thomas "Blood Heron"
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Robert Plant and Alison Krauss "Raising Sand"

Matt Bauer
- Jolie Holland "The Living and the Dead"
- Horsefeathers "House With No Home"
- Band of Annuals "Let Me Live"
- Human Bell "s/t"
- Last of the Blacksmiths "Young Family Song"
- Alina Hardin "s/t"
- Evangelicals "Evening Descends"
- Lavender Diamond "Imagine Our Love"
- Sun Songs "For Always We Are Lightening Vol. 2"
- Nels Andrews "Off Track Betting"
- Dana Falconberry "Oh Skies of Grey"
- Dame Satan "Beaches and Bridges"

Tyler Blake
(Grumpy Bear)
- The Dodos "Visiter"
- Department of Eagles "In Ear Park"
- Gang Gang Dance "Saint Dymphna"
- Paavahorju "Laulu Laakson Kukista"
- Horse Feathers "House With No Home"
- Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Lie Down In The Light"
- Group Inerane "Guitars From Agadez"
- Marissa Nadler "Ballads Of Living And Dying"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Norfolk & Western and Graves "Fleetwood's Hack"
- Of Great And Mortal Men "43 Songs For 43 U.S. Presidencies"

Hélio Camacho
(Own Records - Matamore)
- Saito Koji "Theme"
- Tomoyoshi Date "Human Being"
- The Fun Years "Baby, It's Cold Inside"
- July Skies "The Weather Clock"
- Richard Skelton "Marking Time"
- Arve Henriksen "Cartography"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle"
- The Green Kingdom "Laminae"
- The New Year "s/t"
- Jóhann Jóhannsson "Fordlândia"

John Clarkson
(Penny Black Music)
- Last Harbour "Dead Fires and the Lonely Spark"
- Anna Kashfi "Procurement"
- Willard Grant Conspiracy "Pilgrim Road"
- Kelman "I Felt My Sad Heart Soar"
- Gaslight Anthem "The Sound of '59"
- Hey Negrita "You Can Kick"
- Twilight Sad "Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwwards It Did"
- Viarosa "Sendfor the Sea"
- Thomas Feiner and Anywhen "The Opiates Revisted"
- Clash "Live at Shea Stadium"

Charles-?ric Charrier
(Charles C. Oldman)
- Tarentel
- Einstürzende Neubauten "Jewels"
- Astrïd "&"
- Marc Ribot "Ceramic Dogs"
- The Flaming Lips "At War With The Mystics"
- Alla "Foundou de bechar"
- Miles Davis "Get Up With It"

Julien Demoulin
(Silencio - Eglantine Records)
- Mark Kozelek "Nights LP"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle / Weird Era cont."
- Earth "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull"
- Nada Surf "Lucky"
- Boris "Smile"
- Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Dolores"
- Cut Copy "In Ghost Colors"
- The Sea & Cake "Car Alarm"
- Genghis Tron "Board up The House"
- Tape "Luminarium"

Matt Dornan
(Comes with a Smile)
- Death Cab for Cutie "Narrow Stairs"
- Melody Gardot "Worrisome Heart"
- Hiromi's Sonicbloom "Beyond Standard"
- Aimee Mann "Smilers"
- Okie Rosette "Leap Second"
- The Sea And Cake "Car Alarm"
- Sloan "Parallel Play"
- Sun Kil Moon "April"
- Maria Taylor "Savannah Drive"
- Unbunny "Sensory Underload"
- David Bowie "Santa Monica 1972"
- The Byrds "Royal Albert Hall 1971"
- Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue (50th Anniversary box-set)"
- Nick Drake "Fruit Tree (Japan edition box-set)"
- Bob Dylan "Tell Tale Signs (deluxe edition box-set)"
- Flo & Eddie "The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie/Flo & Eddie (2CD)"
- Carole King "Tapestry (Legacy edition)"
- The Millennium "Pieces (Japan remaster)"
- Laura Nyro "Christmas and the Beads of Sweat (Japan remaster)"
- The Rolling Stones "Greatest Albums In The Sixties (17 CD box-set)"

?ric Deleporte
- TV On The Radio "Dear Science"
- My Brightest Diamond "A Thousand Shark's Teeth"
- Rachel Unthank & The Winterset "The Bairns"
- Donation "Nouveau chemin de guerre"
- The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement"
- Maurice "Ace of Wands"
- Goldfrapp "Seventh Tree"
- Thousand & Bramier "Go Typhoon!"
- Daven Keller "Reaction A"
- Cold War Kids "Loyalty To Loyalty"

Cédric Duboudin
- Lorna "Writing Down Things To Say"
- Jolie Holland "The Living And The Dead"
- Twinsistermoon "Levels And Crossings" (digitalis reissue)
- Cat Power "Jukebox"
- Fern Knight s/t
- Auburn Lull "Begin Civil Twilight"
- Festival "Come, Arrow, Come!"
- The Dodos "Visiter"
- Hush Arbors "s/t"
- Lau Nau "Nukkuu"
Elephant Micah "Alsatian Sunlight" EP
Et je n'oublie pas de signaler, parmi les grands moments de 2008, le concert de The Cherry Blossoms.
Et quelques autres disques importants : Insengrind/Twinsistermoon/Natural Snow Buildings "The Snowbringer Cult", Sun Kil Moon "April", A Weather "Cove", Ulaan Khol "I", Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Lie Down In The Light", Beach House "Devotion", Spires That In The Sunset Rise "Curse The Traced Bird", Thuja "s/t", Scott Tuma "Not For Nobody", Heather Leigh Murray "Devil, If Can You Hear Me"

Frédéric Dufourd
(Donna - Grand Téton)
- Christophe "Aimer ce que nous sommes"
- Panther "14 kt. God"
- Cat Power "Jukebox"
- Quinn Walker "Laughter's An Asshole / Lion Land"
- Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Dolores"
- Barbara Carlotti "L'Idéal"
- People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz "Rhapsody In Glue"
- The Week That Was "s/t"
- Sebastien Tellier "Sexuality"
- Brett Anderson "Wilderness"

Ellen Evers
(The Puddle Parade - Delirious Riot | Tapes)
- Wouter Van Veldhoven & Greg Haines "Three Days Of Fever"
- soccer Committee & Machinefabriek "Drawn"
- Sanso-Xtro "Sentimentalist"
- Lau Nau "Kuutarha"
- Gowns "Red State"
- Juana Molina "Segundo"
- David Grubbs "An Optimist Notes The Dusk"
- Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire "Lost Wisdom"
- Ben & Bruno "100 Grim Reapers"
- The Moi Non Plus "s/t"

?ric Fournier
- Beaches "Beaches"
- The New Year "The New Year"
- The Walkmen "You & Me"
- Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks "Real Emotional Trash"
- Dead Meadow "Old Growth"
- Los Alamos "El Fino Arte de la Venganza"
- Why? "Alopecia"
- Acetate Zero "Civilize The Satanists"
- The Drones "Havilah"
- The French Semester "Open Letter to the Disappeared"

Thibaut Geib
- Frontier Ruckus "The Orion Songbook"
- Peter and the Wolf "Mellow Owl"
- Rökkurró "Thad Kólnar I Kvöld"
- Helios "Caesura"
- Rudi Arapahoe "Echoes From One To Another"
- Balmorhea "River Arms"
- Library Tapes "A Summer Beneath The Trees"
- Jordan "Oh No! We Are Dominos!"
- Boduf Songs "The Strait Gait"
- We All Inherit The Moon "We All Inherit The Moon"

Laura Gibson
(Laura Gibson)
- Awake My Soul, The Story Of The Sacred Harp, Sountrack To The Documentary
- Nick Jaina "A Narrow Way"
- The Dodos "Visiter"
- Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron & Fred Squire "Lost Wisdom"
- Musee Mecanique "Hold This Ghost"
- Death Vessel "Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us"
- Peter Broderick "Home"
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- White Hinterland "Phylactory Factory/Luniculaire"

Andrew Goldman
(Fulton Lights)
- Portishead "Third"
- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!"
- Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea"
- Various Artists "African Scream Contest: Raw & Psychedelic Afro Sounds"
- Berlin
- Michael Chabon, "The Yiddish Policeman's Union"
- Cormac McCarthy "Blood Meridian: Or The Evening Redness in the West"
- Pulpit Rock, Jorpeland (Norway)
- Velib biking around Paris
- Scootering around SE Asia
- Bonnie Prince Billy "Lie Down in the Light"

James Green
(Big Eyes - Early Winter Recordings)
- Josephine Foster "This Coming Gladness"
- James Yorkston "When The Haar Rolls In"
- Michael Rossiter "My Dearest Dear"
- David A Jaycock "Coleopterous Cuckoos Collude"
- Mary Hampton "My Mother's Children"
- Captain Beefheart "Shiny Beast"
- David Vandevelde "Waiting For The Sunrise"
- Benjamin Wetherill "Laura"
- Arvo Pärt "Tabula Rasa"
- Howlin Rain "Magnificent Fiend"

Alex Gwinnett
- Antony & The Johnsons "Another World EP"
- Atlas Sound "Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel"
- Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Lie Down In The Light"
- The Breeders "Mountain Battles"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle / Weird Era Cont."
- Eine kleine Nachtmusik "s/t"
- Erik Friedlander "Lucifer (Book Of Angels - Volume 10)"
- Hauschka "Ferndorf"
- Jack Rose "Dr Ragtime & Pals"
- Tindersticks "The Hungry Waw"

Claude-Marin Herbert
Certains trouvent avantage à découvrir avant tout le monde ce qui fera l'actualité musicale de demain. En général, on les retrouve dépossédés dès après-demain. Pour parer de telles déconvenues, j'ai toujours observé au moins vingt-cinq mois de réflexions avant d'estimer que le snobisme avait assez duré, ou le durisme assez snobé. Quelques exemples :

- Amy Winehouse "Back To Black", parce qu'elle chante infiniment juste.
- Arcade Fire "Funeral" et "Neon Bible", parce que c'est la version pop des groupes Constellation (ASMZ & tra-la-la-band, notamment). une question de fonctionnement, de méthodes de travail, de contenu, politique ou autre, allez savoir ?, de toutes façons c'est la même chose : dans ce cas précis l'art c'est la manière.
- Low "The Great Destroyer". Parce que le faux-air qu'entretient cet opus avec d'autres chefs-d'oeuvre pacifistes du genre "The Wall" ou "Pornography" n'est pas fait pour l'accabler. Grande musique coléreuse, mécontente. Pour "Drums And Guns" repassez me voir dans cinq ans, donc.
- Microphones "Mount Eerie" etc. Parce que si GodspeedYou!BlackEmperor, c'est l'apocalypse selon saint-(luigi) nono, Luciano Berio lui-même veille sur ce génie de Phil Elverum, avec Luc Ferrari et Jim O'Rourke.
- Electrelane "No Shouts No Calls". Parce que quand, comme moi, on n'a pas oublié Bananarama, les voir ressuscitées en Feelies furax est assez excitant.

Voilà pour les "nouveautés", l'année prochaine je pourrai peut-être vous parler sereinement d'"Antidotes", de Foals (me risquerai-je à parler d'afrobeat coupé au Gang Of Four ?), de "No Sport", de Rodolphe Burger, ou des derniers Notwist ou Silver Mount Zion, qui ont l'air très bien.

sinon :
- Ikue Mori : c'est l'année où je l'écoute pour de bon, raffut DNA excepté. Son doigté onirique mouille désormais tout ce qu'elle touche, que ce soit en solo ("Hexkitchen"'), avec Zorn et Patton ("Hemophiliac"), ou Lesli Dalaba ("Timelines").
- Jim O'Rourke "Terminal Pharmacy". Il en avait dans la caboche, le jeune, au début de sa carrière... jamais retrouvé, sauf dans "eureka", cette puissance suggestive. L'est allé voir ailleurs, le bougre.
- Fred Frith "The Previous Evening", "Traffic Continues", "Pacifica". Composer pour improviser, improviser pour composer : à chaque ère son Duke Ellington !
- Cornelius Cardew/Dedalus "Treatise", premières pages. Laisser tomber, puis fondre, des cristaux de glace sur des cymbales : le genre d'interprétation auxquelles peuvent donner lieu les cent quatre vingt pages de partition graphique composées par Cardew, de hauteurs libres, de durée libre, d'instrumentation libre, etc. suite attendue en 2009 !
- Damo Suzuki & The French Doctors : Instants Chavirés. Une heure, deux morceaux de blues industriel, de heavy-rock post-apocalyptique, de force tremblante - ou de forts tremblements, c'est selon.

et au rayon des musiques rares :
- Ishkay : "1", "2" et "3". Ce peintre sonore, disciple de Lee Ranaldo, Fennesz et Loren Connors distille sa musique sur Dogmazic, jetez-vous dedans : http://ishkay.free.fr
- Soline : "La tour des ombres". Soline ne "sait" pas la musique, elle est juste très musicienne. http://www.myspace.com/solineastier1
- La dame du far east, devant beaubourg, avec son violon : le minimalisme, Lamonte Young, Terry Riley, les drones, vous connaissez ? laissez tomber : la dame qui joue du violon (violon des steppes, je précise) sur la piazza beaubourg les enterrera tous.

James Hindle
(James William Hindle)
- Vampire Weekend "Vampire Weekend"
- Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea"
- Coldplay "Viva La Vida"
- Pete Molinari "A Virtual Landslide"
- Still Flyin' "s/t"
- Crystal Stilts "Alight Of Night"
- The Botticellis "Old Home Movies"
- Yo La Tengo "Theyt Shoot, We Score" (mainly for the music from Old Joy)
- Fucked Up "The Chemistry Of Common Life"
- Jackson Browne "Time The Conquerer"
- Wavves "s/t"

Eike Klien
(das klienicum)
- Portishead "Third"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Of Montreal "Skeletal Lamping"
- The Magnetic Fields "Distortion"
- Liz Durrett "Outside Our Gates"
- Frontier Ruckus "The Orion Songbook"
- Ida "Lovers Prayer"
- Evangelista "Hello, Voyager"
- Lucksmiths "First Frost"
- Mia Doi Todd "Gea"

Franck Lafay
- Portishead "Third"
- Sun Kil Moon "April"
- Rodolphe Burger "No Sport"
- Evangelista "Hello, Voyager"
- Juliana Hatfield "How To Walk Away"
- Bob Mould "District Line"
- Paramount Styles "Failure American Style"
- Toumani Diabaté "The Mandé Variations"
- Imagho "Inside Looking Out"
- Nine Inch Nails "The Slip"
- Basement "Everything Gets Distorted"
- The Arcade Fire "Neon Bible & Funeral"
- Ballaké Sissoko "Tomora"
- Fred Poulet "Hollywood, Baby"

?ric Languillat
(Initials DC)
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Bang Gang "Ghosts From The Past"
- Chromatics "Night Drive"
- Ketil Bjornstad & David Darling "Epigraphs"
- Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue 'legacy edition'"
- Ladytron "Velocifero"
- Maria Taylor "Lynn Teeter Flower"
- Anna Ternheim "Halfway To Fivepoints"
- Maia Hirasawa "Though I'm Just Me"
- PJ Harvey "White Chalk"

Pierre Laplace
- Sun Kil Moon "april"
- Portishead "Third"
- Radiohead "In Rainbows"
- American Music Club "The Golden Age"
- Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan "Sunday At Devil Dirt"
- Lambchop "OH (ohio)"
- The Fireman "Electric Arguments"
- The Real Tuesday Weld "The London Book Of Dead"
- Ron Sexsmith "Exit Strategy Of The Soul"
- Shearwater "Rook"

Maxime Lê Hùng
- Autistic Daughters "Uneasy Flowers"
- Brethren Of The Free Spirit "All Things Are From Him, Through Him And In Him"
- Evangelista "Hello, Voyager"
- Group Inerane "Guitars From Agadez"
- Kasai All Stars "Under The 7th Moon..."
- Lykke Li "Youth Novels"
- Natural Snow Buildings "The Snowbringer Cult"
- Cian Nugent "Childhood, Christian Lies & Slaughter"
- Thousand & Bramier "Go Typhoon !"
- Various artists "Black Mirror"
- V.O. "Obstacles"

Benjamin Løzninger
- Land Of Talk "Some Are Lakes"
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Land Of Talk "Applause Cheer Boo Hiss"
- Saioa "Matrioska Heart"
- Chris Garneau "Music For Tourists" + "C-Sides"
- The Kills "Midnight Boom"
- Radiohead "In Rainbows"
- Obi Best "Capades"
- Emily Jane White "Dark Undercoat"
- Laetitia Sheriff "Games Over"
- Jaromil "s/t"
- Unwed Sailor "Little Wars"
- Portishead "Third"
- Dark Dark Dark "Love You, Bye"
- This Is The Kit "Krülle Bol"

Marc Manning
(Everything is Fine)
- Boduf Songs "How Shadows Chase The Balance"
- Wye Oak "If Children"
- Vivian Girls "s/t"
- The Breeders "Mountain Battles"
- Eleanoora Rosenholm "Vainajan Muotokuva"
- Portishead "Third"
- Deerhunter "Microcastle"
- Dead Meadow "Old Growth"
- Blood on the Wall "Liferz"
- Crystal Castles "s/t"
- Festival "Come, Arrow, Come!"
- Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Mountains "Mountains Mountains Mountains"
- Gang Gang Dance "Saint Dymphna"

Annelies Monseré
- Portishead "Third "
- The Breeders "Mountain Battles "
- Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea "
- Bronze Float "Notice "
- Vollmar "12" Compilation "
- soccer Committee & Machinefabriek "Drawn"
- Cranes "Cranes "
- Boduf Songs "How Shadows Chase the Balance "
- Peter Broderick "Float "
- Dawn Smithson "Earth Machine "

Laurent Orseau
(site - hinah)
- Jack Rose "Dr Ragtime & Pals"
- Valerio Cosi "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock"
- Grails "Take Refuge In Clean Living"
- Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Dolores"
- Alan & Richard Bishop "The Brothers Unconnected. A Tribute to Charles Gocher & Sun City Girls"
- James Blackshaw "Litany Of Echoes"
- Glorytellers "s/t"
- Ignatz "III"
- Brittain Ashford "There, But For You, Go I"
- TwinSisterMoon "The Snowbringer Cult"
- Art Ensemble Of Chicago "Les Stances à Sophie"
- Panda Bear "Person Pitch"
- Sun Ra
- The Monks "Black Monk Time"

Julien Pacaud
(site - Institut Drahomira)
Top 10 Songs
- The Breeders "Night of Joy"
- Ida Maria "Stella"
- Laetitia Sheriff "Solitary Play"
- White Hinterland "Calliope"
- Stereolab "Neon Beanbag"
- Françoiz Breut "Les jeunes pousses"
- The Wedding Present "Soup"
- Portishead "Hunter"
- Pony Del Sol "Sugar"
- Lightspeed Champion "Midnight Surprise"

Charlie Parr
- Various Artists "Wooden Guitar"
- Jack Rose "Dr Ragtime & Pals"
- Trampled By Turtles "Duluth"
- James Yorkston "When the Haar Rolls In"
- Johnson Family Band "Old Ruby"
- Pert 'Near Sandstone "Needle and Thread"
- Various Artists "Berkeley Guitar"
- Pelt "Dauphin Elegies"
- Jack Rose "I Do Play Rock And Roll"
- Various Artists "The George Mitchell Collection" (reissue)

Luc Reverter
(Melmac - Ronda - Lucky.R)
- Skull Defekts "Blood Spirits And Drums Are Singing"
- A.H. Kraken "Elle avait peut etre 19 ans mais pour moi elle en aura toujours 12"
- Earth "Hibernaculum"
- Boys Noize "Oi Oi Oi"
- Earth "The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull"
- Skull Defekts "The Drone Bug"
- Master "s/t"
- Zone Libre "Faites vibrer la chair"
- Marvin "s/t"
- Obituary "Xecutioner Returns"

Christy Romanick
- Windy & Carl "Songs For The Brokenhearted"
- Windy Weber "I Hate People"
- Jessica Bailiff "Old Things"
- Thisquietarmy "Blackhaunter" ((tied with)) "Unconquered"
- Aspidistrafly "I Hold A Wish For You"
- Stars Of The Lid "Carte-de-visite"
- Benoit Pioulard "Precis"
- The Longest Day "Night Falls"
- Rivulets "You've Got Your Own"
- Dawn Smithson "Earth Machine"
- Yellow6 "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow"
- Dreamend "The Long Forgotten Friend"
- All In The Golden Afternoon
- Bowery Electric "Beat"
- Lule Kaine "Radiations From Futurist Furniture"

Jean-Marc Sache
(Le Zata)
- Belleruche "The Express"
- Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Lie Down In The Light"
- Brazilian Girls "New York City"
- Brightblack Morning Light "Motion To Rejoin"
- Fleet Foxes "s/t"
- Fujiya & Miyagi "Lightbulbs"
- Juliy Skies "The Weather Clock"
- Lenine "Labiata"
- Marconi Union "A Lost Connection"
- Yo La Tengo "They Shoot, We Score"

Gaëtan Seguin
(Millefeuille - Three:four Records)
- Ben Nash "The Seventh Goodbye"
- The Fun Years "Baby, It's Cold Inside"
- James Blackshaw "Litany of Echoes"
- Spectrum meets Captain Memphis "Indian Giver"
- Portishead "Third"
- Emeralds "Solar Bridge"
- Koen Holtkamp "Field Rituals"
- Earth "The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull"
- Fennesz "Black Sea"
- Religious Knives "The Door"

- Coming Soon "New Grids"
- Moondog - All
- Fabio Viscogliosi "Fenomeno"
- Don Nino "Mentors Menteurs"
- Various Artists "Rock N'Roll Vol 3 - 1947" (Frémeaux & Associés)
- The Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" (Box Set)
- Ratatat "LP3"
- Brian Eno & David Byrne "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"
- Broadcast "Tender Buttons"
- Getatchew Mekurya & The Ex

Vincent Vanoli
- The Research "The Old Terminal"
- The Wave Pictures "Instant Coffee Baby"
- Let's Wrestle "In Loving Memory Of..."
- The Breeders "Mountain Battles"
- Spiritualized "Songs In A And E"
- Comet Gain "Broken Records Prayers"
- Jeremy Jay "A Place Where We Could Go"
- Various Artists "Thank You Friends: The Ardent Records Story"

Daniel Voigt
(Phantom Limbo)
- Alan & Richard Bishop "The Brothers Unconnected. A Tribute to Charles Gocher & Sun City Girls"
- Yellow Swans "Deterioration Yellow Swans"
- The Blithe Sons "The Great Orthochromatic Wheel"
- Koen Holtkamp "Field Rituals"
- Raccoo-oo-oon "Mythos Folkways Vol. 5, Future Fusion"
- Way of the Cross "Mind of the Dolphin"
- Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer "From The Great American Songbook"
- David Grubbs "An Optimist Notes the Dusk"
- Valerio Cosi "Heavy Electronic Pacific Rock"
- Isengrind / TwinSisterMoon / Natural Snow Buildings "The Snowbringer Cult"

Matt Ward
(M. Ward)
- Becky Stark "Ocean and Ground"
- Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal"
- T-Pain [ft. Lil Wayne] "Can't Believe It"

Ambroise Yon
- American Music Club "The Golden Age"
- American Music Club "Atwater Afternoon"
- American Music Club "The Everclear Rehearsals & The Mercury Band Demos"
- Ron Sexsmith "Exit Strategy Of The Soul"
- Silver Jews "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea"
- Guillaume De Machaut par The Medieval Ensemble Of London"
- Sun Kil Moon "April"
- Mark Kozelek "The Finally LP"
- Madlib "Wlib Am: King Of The Wigflip"
- Lambchop "OH (ohio)"

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