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- sold outhinah025 - LunDi "Mobiles/motifs"

hinah025 - LunDi


LunDi is the solo project of Claude-Marin Herbert, a young man deeply inspired by the delicate music of pop heroes such as Mark Hollis and the Nits. It is no surprise that this project reminds us of a band like Bed (who is quite undeniably influenced by Mark Hollis), yet with a noteworthy difference: Claude-Marin's lyrics are in (beautiful) French. For this new recording (his first ep "Cendres ascendantes" is available in the hinah gift section on hinah), LunDi keeps exploring the piano/voice association, but with also a few surprising - and successful - twists, especially on the chorus of "La Nebbia".

hinah025 - LunDi "Mobiles/motifs"
"The recording of "Mobiles/motifs" is yet another piano story. I intended to do it at home with the help of two friends, Sarah and Christian. But then my little straight piano broke while tuning, and is still being repaired. So we ended up at Sarah's place during three abundantly snowy February days, and what you can hear on these six tracks is her beautiful Pleyel. The "Mobiles" side is that collection of small musical pieces, hopefully light but also a bit mind-numbing, that can be heard all along "Mille Plateaux", "Rares sont les nomades", and "Elizabeth Shadow"; and the "motifs" side is the rest - what makes the mobile move...
The memory of my father Jean-Loup, who died last winter, was with me all the while, especially on "Rares sont les nomades" and on the hidden track (let's name it: "1001 nuits")."
- Claude-Marin Herbert

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Mille plateaux
2. Rares sont les nomades
3. La Nebbia
4. Elizabeth Shadow
5. Haïku

Words and music: Claude-Marin Herbert

Recorded in February 2005 by Sarah Triollier and Christian Ugolini.
Mixed by Christian Ugolini and Claude-Marin Herbert.
"Rares sont les nomades" contains an excerpt of John Cage's Roaratorio (which in turn contains an excerpt of a cock singing, etc.)
"Mille plateaux" is the title of a book by Gilles Deleuze (but there is also le Plateau de Millevaches, in Auvergne.)

Special thanks to Soline, Stéphane, and Cyril Zakof.

In the memory of Jean-Loup
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