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hinah034 - melmac "Rambo Rantanplan"hinah034 - melmac

"Rambo Rantanplan"

Melmac and the Reverter brothers are old friends of hinah's, as the label released one of the band's first recordings: hinah003 - P1 vs P2. Back then, the lineup only included Luc and Nicolas and they played minimalist electronic music. Nearly 16 years later, Melmac has grown into a quartet, with Jean-Yves Davillers (drums) and Quentin Rollet (saxophone) recently joining. The sound has also changed a lot, combining noisy guitars, experimental sounds and free jazz.


hinah033 - Jan Mörgenson "Live @ Maison Salvan"hinah033 - Jan Mörgenson

"Live @ Maison Salvan"

It is with "Mehmet II", a track on his last album, that we discovered Jan Mörgenson - from Metz, France, but originally from Denmark. While undeniably influenced by John Fahey and Jack Rose, this track also shows a true personality which is also noticeable throughout the album, "Jass, Raag & Blooz", released early 2016 on Specific: a trip through America and its "Primitive Guitar" but also slow rides in wide open Asian arid spaces and a couple of high-altitude excursions in unexplored, hostile territory.
For this release, we have asked Jan for a live recording of his songs. So here is one of his latest sets, recorded live in the South of France, at Maison Salvan in Labège, where you can rediscover most of his last album.


hinah032 - Empty House Cooperative "Seven"hinah032 - Empty House Cooperative


Empty House Cooperative "Seven" is a document of one of the core trio's many gatherings. The titles are a play on words, mixing imagistic language to rhyme with the numbers, with "Seven" being both, as the number 7 is my secret soothing obsessive-compulsive fixation number.
We've developed our unspoken "just do it and enjoy it" musical language over the 20 years since we began as Sunday jam sessions in 1996.
I had a vision to invite musicians that I trusted or had a good vibe about to explore improvisation with minimal guidelines in a loose collective with an ebb and flow of both sound and membership. Approximately 30 people have been involved over the years. Regulars have included musicians Craig Colorusso and Thalia Zedek, some old friends from the band Molasses & others of their Montreal scene, and social justice activist Brian Corr, whom I met in Jumbo, a Boston rock scene circus music band.
From EHC's inception, the heavy foundation and floral scrabbles of Jonah Sacks' cello, the structure and deconstruction of Chris Brokaw's guitar, and DMC's viola, loops, howling & singing feedback, electro-acoustic noise & obsession with effects pedals have been the heart of Empty House Cooperative.
Thanks to hinah for their support at the beginning and now these many years later. All along the way, EHC concerts and home sessions have been recorded & passed out to friends in brown paper lunch bags.
The full archive will someday see the light of day.
- David Michael Curry


hinah031 - Julie Fossaert "R&A"hinah031 - Julie Fossaert


You may have already come across Lille-based Julie Fossaert as part of the peppy band Peru Peru, or heard her much more intimate solo project named Rêve ("Dream"). On "R&A", she appears stripped down although, paradoxically, she is joined by many guests (Eric Chenaux, Valérie Leclercq, Claire Vailler, McCloud Zicmuse, Myriam Pruvot... and many more) on songs that were recorded in many different places (Lille, Nantes, Dunkirk, Paris, Nancy and Villeurbanne). Each track has its own atmosphere, its own tone colour, its own connection with Julie's world -- from the slender "Hotaru Kana" to the more cheerful "Keep On Doing What You Do / Jerks on the Loose".


hinah030 - Colin Faivre "Itinéraires II"hinah030 - Colin Faivre

"Itinéraires II"

After seven years of hibernation, this is our first release under the new version of the hinah series, recorded by a French musician, Colin Faivre. Colin plays the baritone banjo, however not in a traditional manner. He likes improvising and experimenting, unfurling deep sounds, casting an ear towards Indian ragas or Middle-Eastern music, taking us in flights of arpeggios and wild rides, or on the contrary delivering much more parsimonious notes to let the listener enjoy internal journeys.

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hinahgift030 - The Tami Show "House Of Earth"hinahgift030 - The Tami Show

"House Of Earth"

Tami Means and her Tami Show (hinah024, hinahgift013 and hinahgift018) are back again on hinah with a beautiful gift: this time it is a cover of a song by Lucinda Williams and Woody Guthrie, "House Of Earth"!


hinahgift013 - Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music By Harry Smith "Anamude, Matt Bauer, Dave DeCastro, Donna, Everything is Fine, Grumpy Bear, H-Burns, Half Asleep, Kenyon, Marc Manning, Guillaume Maupin, oRSo, Perio, Pollyanna, Charlie Parr, Sandusky, Shelley Short, The Tami Show"hinahgift013 - Tribute To The Anthology Of American Folk Music By Harry Smith

"Anamude, Matt Bauer, Dave DeCastro, Donna, Everything is Fine, Grumpy Bear, H-Burns, Half Asleep, Kenyon, Marc Manning, Guillaume Maupin, oRSo, Perio, Pollyanna, Charlie Parr, Sandusky, Shelley Short, The Tami Show"

In 1952, Harry Smith - an artist, a mad collector, and much more - compiled for Folkways Records 84 songs recorded between 1927 and 1932. This three-volume anthology, genuine memory of the American popular music, influenced the folk songwriters of the '60s to a great extent, Bob Dylan leading the way, and it still haunts today's artists (Will Oldham, 16 Horsepower, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Kristin Hersh...). A fourth volume, containing 28 more songs recorded from 1928 to 1940, came out a few years ago on Revenant Records and brought the anthology back to the fore. As we are big fans of this collection, we've asked some of our favourite bands to pay a tribute to the anthology. The covers will be available on this page as we receive them!

- The latest cover -
Guillaume Maupin "La Danseuse"

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:: concert pics by Laurent Orseau


Tanz Mein Herz

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium



Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium


João Lobo Trio (João Lobo & Norberto Lobo & Soet Kempeneer)

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium


Will Guthrie

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium


Farida Amadou & Virginie Honvoh

ICTUS, Brussels, Belgium


Refurinn Kitsune

BRASS, Brussels, Belgium


g a b b r o

The Beach, Ostend & Bredene, Belgium


g a b b r o

The Beach, Ostend & Bredene, Belgium


Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium

:: One-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) StandOne-(Week/Month) Stand

One-Week Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Coline Llobet, Lucie Robet, Laurent Orseau, David Mennessier, Alex Gwinnett and Gaëtan Seguin: every week, Coline, Lucie, David, Gaëtan, Alex, and Laurent choose six songs and invite a friend to pick a seventh one.


One-Off Stand #28 - Halfway Through 2021
# by Alex
- Yasmin Williams "Swift Breeze"
- Chuck Johnson "Constellation"
- Godspeed You! Black Emperor "Cliffs Gaze / cliffs€ gaze at empty waters€ rise / ASHES TO SEA or NEARER TO THEE"
- David Boulter "The Milk Bar"
# by Coline
- Kat Frankie "Happy"
- J.E.Sunde "I Don't Care To Dance"
- Warsaw Village Band "At My Mother's"
- Pierre Guédron - Le Poème Harmonique, Vincent Dumestre "Complainte: Las ! Que Ne Suis-je Née"
# by David
- Roxane Métayer "Au pas"
- Satomimagae "Tsuchi"
- Rachel Sassi, Victor De Roo "Promenade sentimentale"
- Florence Cats & Stéphane Torré-Trueba "Este Dia"
# by Gaëtan
- Julian Sartorius & Mago Flueck & Beat Unternährer & Reto Mäder & Rhys Chatham "A Rite For Samhain"
- Maria W Horn "Epistasis"
- Cyril Bondi "part III"
- Francisco Meirino "Unsuccessful Attempt At Trying To Explain The Meaning Of These Sounds"
# by Laurent
- Françoiz Breut "Mon dedans vs mon dehors"
- Sleaford Mods "Mork n Mindy (feat. Billy Nomates)"
- Bill Stone "Charlotte's Town"
- Squid "Pamphlets"
# by Lucie
- Institut "Je suis dans la data"
- Self Esteem "I Do This All The Time"
- Black Midi "John L"
- GNAC "Winter Moon (edit)"

photo by Laurent Orseau


One-Week Stand #378 - Cactus Cat
- Look Blue Go Purple "Cactus Cat"
by our guest Florence Cats
- Habibi "Born Too Late"
by Coline
- Catchers "Cotton Dress"
by David
- The Bats "Fear of God"
by Laurent
- Chris Knox "The Woman Inside of Me"
by Lucie
- 25 Cents "Don't Deceive Me"
by Gaëtan
- Throwing Muses "Fish"
by Alex

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #377 - I'm Sticking With You
- The Velvet Underground "I'm Sticking With You"
by our guest Pete Holidai
- Scout Niblett "Do You Want To Be Buried With My People?"
by Coline
- Migala "When I Go, I Go"
by Gaëtan
- The Jesus and Mary Chain "Taste Of Cindy"
by Laurent
- of Montreal "Everything Disappears When You Come Around"
by Lucie
- The Moldy Peaches "Steak For Chicken"
by David
- Cate Le Bon "Are You With Me Now?"
by Alex

photo by Christy Romanick
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