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hinah031 - Julie Fossaert "R&A"

hinah031 - Julie Fossaert


You may have already come across Lille-based Julie Fossaert as part of the peppy band Peru Peru, or heard her much more intimate solo project named Rêve ("Dream"). On "R&A", she appears stripped down although, paradoxically, she is joined by many guests (Eric Chenaux, Valérie Leclercq, Claire Vailler, McCloud Zicmuse, Myriam Pruvot... and many more) on songs that were recorded in many different places (Lille, Nantes, Dunkirk, Paris, Nancy and Villeurbanne). Each track has its own atmosphere, its own tone colour, its own connection with Julie's world -- from the slender "Hotaru Kana" to the more cheerful "Keep On Doing What You Do / Jerks on the Loose".

hinah031 - Julie Fossaert "R&A"

"Imaginez la chambre d'une fille, celle secrète, qu'on ne voit jamais. Dans cette pièce, en permanence, son imaginaire se tisse. Chaque chose qu'elle lit, entend, voit, chaque personne avec qui elle échange, la change un petit peu à chaque fois.
C'est un espace où l'affect est de mise, où chaque personne, chaque objet, chaque sujet dans lequel elle se glisse pousse un peu plus loin sa pensée. Et puis arrive un jour où tout se relie et, dans cet imaginaire, une parole se lance, ouvrant à la constitution de communautés qui permettent d'avoir du monde une représentation partagée."
- Marie­-Pierre Bonniol, Collection Morel (2014)

Recording info

"R&A" was recorded from 29 June 2014 to 28 June 2015 at François's place, in Mariette's dining room, Vincent's living room, the customs house on the pier, Geoffroy's garage, Rachel's shared flat and, finally, my own bedroom.
- Julie Fossaert

1. Capitole
Vincent Dupas: baritone guitar, vocals
Julie Fossaert: guitar, vocals
Rachel Langlais: accordion, saw, MiniBrute, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Vincent Robert, rue Jeannine, Nantes, 13/04/2015

2. La Tentation de Saint-­Antoine
Eric Chenaux: guitar
Julie Fossaert: guitar, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Cyril Harrison, gare de Lyon, Paris, 17/08/2014

3. Hotaru Kana
Julie Fossaert: guitar, vocals
Rachael Wellington: vocals
McCloud Zicmuse: bassoon, flute, iaeniaen, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Adrien Michel, Fructôse, Dunkerque, 17/01/2015

4. Valerie
Julie Fossaert: guitar, vocals
Nico Poisson: saz
Francois Virot: Casiotone
Recorded and mixed by François Virot, Couac, Villeurbanne, 30/06/2014

5. Kuroi Tori
Vincent Dupas: baritone guitar, percussions, glockenspiel, voix
Julie Fossaert: guitar, vocals
Vincent Robert: Farfisa
Recorded and mixed by Vincent Robert, Capitole, Nantes, 4/10/2014

6. Broken Bell
Julie Fossaert: guitar, prepared drums, vocals
Geoffroy Sere: zither, bouzouki, percussions, vocals
Recorded and mixed by Geoffroy Sere, at his place, Nancy, 21 & 22/02/2015

7. Crève
Julie Fossaert: guitar
Nico Poisson: saz
François Virot: drums
Recorded and mixed by François Virot, Couac, Villeurbanne, 29/06/2014

8. Keep On Doing What You Do / Jerks on the loose
Julie Fossaert: vocals
Sarah Foulquier: violin, vocals
Valérie Leclercq: vocals
Myriam Pruvot: vocals
Isabelle Sainte­-Rose: cello, vocals
Claire Vailler: vocals
Recorded and mixed by Adrien Michel, la chambre, Lille, 28/06/2015

"R&A" was written by Julie Fossaert, except "Valerie" by Broadcast, "Broken Bell" by Geoffroy Sere and "Keep On Doing What You Do / Jerks on the Loose" by Suzy & Terre Roche.

Artwork by Fabrique de Signes
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