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hinah035 - Mocke "Faces béates"

hinah035 - Mocke

"Faces béates"

Mocke is a busy man indeed. On top of being a very active guitarist in several French bands (Midget!, Arlt, Chevalrex...), he has released in recent years three beautiful instrumental albums on the label Objet Disque. As big fans of these LPs, we have asked him if, by any chance, he happened to sit on any hidden gems that did not make it to the albums... Bingo! Mocke dug out five superb unreleased instrumentals for us. They take us through various atmospheres (pop, jazz, latin, rock, folk...), in a mix of styles that Mocke handles so well.

Recording info

- Titles -
1. Pois
2. Colonel Bambawa
3. Le brigadier Jean
4. Lou le loup
5. La balle et la batte

Mocke: guitars & instruments
Sylvain Joasson: drums and percussion on "La balle et la batte"

Artwork by Fabrique de Signes
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