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hinah036 - Lynn Cassiers "Nacht Slakje"

hinah036 - Lynn Cassiers

"Nacht Slakje"

Lynn Cassiers is a Brussels based singer/soundscaper in the new jazz and improv scene. In Belgium she has worked with contemporary jazz ensembles such as Octurn, The Brussels Jazz Orchestrated and Mäâk. She's part of bands like Tape Cuts Tape (with Rudy Trouvé / Eric Thielemans), Flying Nimbus (with Manolo Cabras), Lilly Joel (with Jozef Dumoulin), Konbini (with Pak Yan Lau), Holsen & Cassiers (with Hilde Holsen), Oba Loba, Lidlboj, Alexandra Grimal's "Nāga", "La Vapeur au-dessus du Riz" (Alexandra Grimal's opéra clandestin), Eve Beuvens Tri(w)ords...

"When Laurent asked me if I hadn't a recording lying around that hadn't made it to an album which could be released on hinah, I had to think for a very long moment. Most of the music I have lying around that hasn't made it to an album, has its good reasons. But I did have hours of solo recordings stored in my computer which, as a kind of ritual, I record 10 consecutive nights before playing a solo concert.

'Nacht Slakje' contains mainly improvisations recorded in January 2021 during full lock down. They are snippets out of sessions that were initially meant to serve only as a preparation, and were never intended to be released. Listening back, I realised that the music in the beginning of that preparative process has a distinctive quality to it, one very different from the energy of recorded concerts or from when I try to play within a time-limited set. As if the lack of destination actually gives the music extra time to breathe and allows it to take its time to fully expand.

I chose these tracks for their meditative moods and their sense of slowness which represents very well how I think and process things in life.

Thanks to hinah for the initiative!"

- Lynn Cassiers

Recording info

- Titles -
1. Backyard Magic
2. Rode Maan
3. The Full Compost
4. Libelletjes
5. Silent Company
6. Nacht Slakje
7. A Tough Cookie
8. Sea Bellies

Slow improvised stereo tracks.
Not edited, mixed and mastered by Lynn Cassiers.
All music improvised and lyrics by Lynn Cassiers.

Artwork by Fabrique de Signes
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