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hinah034 - melmac "Rambo Rantanplan"hinah034 - melmac

"Rambo Rantanplan"

Melmac and the Reverter brothers are old friends of hinah's, as the label released one of the band's first recordings: hinah003 - P1 vs P2. Back then, the lineup only included Luc and Nicolas and they played minimalist electronic music. Nearly 16 years later, Melmac has grown into a quartet, with Jean-Yves Davillers (drums) and Quentin Rollet (saxophone) recently joining. The sound has also changed a lot, combining noisy guitars, experimental sounds and free jazz.


hinah033 - Jan Mörgenson "Live @ Maison Salvan"hinah033 - Jan Mörgenson

"Live @ Maison Salvan"

It is with "Mehmet II", a track on his last album, that we discovered Jan Mörgenson - from Metz, France, but originally from Denmark. While undeniably influenced by John Fahey and Jack Rose, this track also shows a true personality which is also noticeable throughout the album, "Jass, Raag & Blooz", released early 2016 on Specific: a trip through America and its "Primitive Guitar" but also slow rides in wide open Asian arid spaces and a couple of high-altitude excursions in unexplored, hostile territory.
For this release, we have asked Jan for a live recording of his songs. So here is one of his latest sets, recorded live in the South of France, at Maison Salvan in Labège, where you can rediscover most of his last album.

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hinahgift030 - The Tami Show "House Of Earth"hinahgift030 - The Tami Show

"House Of Earth"

Tami Means and her Tami Show (hinah024, hinahgift013 and hinahgift018) are back again on hinah with a beautiful gift: this time it is a cover of a song by Lucinda Williams and Woody Guthrie, "House Of Earth"!

:: concert pics by Laurent Orseau


Thomas Bonvalet & Jean-Luc Guionnet - Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, FranceThomas Bonvalet & Jean-Luc Guionnet

Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, France

[16 pics - 19-09-2017]


Sun Araw - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BelgiumSun Araw

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium

[9 pics - 12-09-2017]


Georgia - Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, BelgiumGeorgia

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium

[12 pics - 12-09-2017]

:: One-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) StandOne-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Anne-Lise Remacle, Nathalie Papillon, Thibaut Geib, Pascal Vermeulen and Laurent Orseau: every week, The OWS team choose three songs and invite a friend to pick a fourth one, every month, They choose a word/topic and pick twelve songs.


One-Week Stand #238 - 4N4N4S
- Méryll Ampe € "4N4N4S"
by our guest Akira Rabelais
- Pete Swanson "Self-Help"
by Thibaut
- Ensemble Economique "Battle Cry"
by Laurent
- To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie "The Patron"
by Gaëtan
- Pita "Untitled 3"
by David
- Jim O'Rourke "I'm Happy"
by Alex

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #237 - Zauberberg
- Kassel Jaeger / Stephan Mathieu / Akira Rabelais € "Zauberberg"
by our guest Marc Jacobs from Prairie
- Andrea Belfi & Machinefabriek "Pulses & Places 2"
by Thibaut
- Vert "The Köln Konzert: Part One"
by David
- Fennesz, Daniell, Buck "Heat From Light"
by Nathalie
- Dean Hurley "Shanghai Mysterioso"
by Laurent
- Hauschka "2.11.14: Part I"
by Alex
- Gavin Bryars "The Sinking of the Titanic (Live Bourges 13-14 1990)"
by Gaëtan

photo by Christy Romanick
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